Ranking the Internet Friendliness of 7 Comedy Networks

HBO made a bold promotional move this week by putting the first two episodes of Girls' new season up on YouTube for free, allowing even the plebeian non-subscribers an opportunity to take part in a premium TV premiere and contribute to the buzz of the show's return. It's a win-win situation; HBO gets more coverage, and those of us without premium channels — or even a television — get to watch the season premiere without paying a dollar. Like HBO, most networks with hit comedy shows understand the viability of making their content easily available on the internet, but how do some of the most [...]

Eight Episodes of the Dearly Departed Free Agents Are Available on Hulu

There are eight episodes of Free Agents on Hulu right now, including four that weren't aired on TV before the show's cancellation. Fans of Joe Lo Truglio's meat-sword-obsessed security guard character, rejoice.

Watch the Best Friends Forever Premiere Right Now

The first episode of Best Friends Forever is online, which means you can watch it right here. C'mon, it's hump day. They don't really need you to do whatever it is you do at work.

The First Episode of Key and Peele is Online Right Now

Last night's premiere of Key and Peele is available online here, if you missed it. Or if you're just looking for a way to end the workday in high spirits without, you know, doing your job.