Amy Poehler: "Movies Are Dumb, and TV Is Awesome"

“Movies are dumb, and TV is awesome. If we take away anything from the night, let’s all remember that TV is better than film and everybody knows it.”

- Amy Poehler preaches to the choir while introducing inductee Julia Louis-Dreyfus at last night's TV Hall of Fame ceremony.

Is Doing Movies Really a Step Up From Doing TV These Days?

Ed Helms talked to the AV Club about his new movie Cedar Rapids and what it means for his career. This stood out to me: The value from a career standpoint of television vs. movies has, I think, over the last 10 years, become harder to distinguish. I don’t want to be too precious as to say the scale of the project doesn’t affect your decisions. It certainly is a factor. But I think that to really have an eye on a consistent and long career, you have to follow and fight for the best material and the things that play to your strengths. If that happens to [...]