Run, Run From the Haunting Specter of a Ghostbusters 3 With No Bill Murray

The latest word in unnecessary threequels: Bill Murray's refusal to make Ghostbusters 3 will not stop Dan Aykroyd, who says he'll just re-cast the part of Peter Venkman. The weirdest thing about this is that Aykroyd assures audiences that Rick Moranis will be involved in the third movie, because “None of us would want to do the movie without having him as a participant." Why he doesn't feel that way about Bill Murray, whose role in the original film was about twelvety billion times more important than Moranis', is a mystery the likes of which no one has seen since the outbreak of unexplained paranormal activity in 1980s [...]

Another Day, Another Picture of Ricky Gervais Dressed as Hitler

Tweeting a picture of himself dressed as Hitler is kinda bad, but at least Ricky Gervais didn't go ahead with his original plan to come onstage at the Golden Globes dressed as Hitler.

“I was going to get to the podium, let it die down – then go, ‘Too much?’ Then I wanted to look in the crowd and go, ‘It’s the wrong crowd, just the wrong crowd’. Then I was going to say, ‘That’s the last time I borrow a suit from Mel Gibson.’ That would’ve been good, wouldn’t it?”

Nope. It wouldn't've. That would not have been good, at all. Looks like we need to start [...]

Brace Yourself For Grown Ups 2, America

Guh. However apocalyptically bad some of Adam Sandler's movies might be, at least he's never made a sequel to any of them. UNTIL NOW. Grown Ups' writer Fred Wolf is may write a follow-up movie, and depending on the script Sandler might produce it. You think he'll buy all his co-stars houses for this one?