Tracy Morgan's Condition Upgraded from Critical to Fair Following June 7 Accident

It's been a little over a week since Tracy Morgan and his crew of passengers were involved in a fatal car accident that tragically killed Morgan's mentor and writing partner James McNair, but thankfully some positive updates are beginning to trickle in. The New York Times reports that Morgan's condition has now gone from critical to fair after sustaining injuries including a broken leg, nose, and ribs, and according to his publicist "his personality is certainly starting to come back as well." Morgan's assistant Jeff Millea has also been upgraded from critical to fair condition, which gives hope that Morgan and his family, friends, and fans only [...]

Assssscat Monologist's Identity Revealed, Forwarded to the Authorities

The guy who told the story of when he had sex with a woman against her wishes as part of the Asssscat show at the Del Close Marathon's identity has been outed and confirmed by Jezebel; they also got in touch with his prior employers at Second City as well as his new theater Improv Vegas. Second City has forwarded his info to the authorities, and Improv Vegas has banned him from all shows and classes.

Update: South Park Copied CollegeHumor By Mistake

It turns out that the South Park/CollegeHumor issue was a mistake by the South Park guys. Here's Dan Gurewitch, who co-wrote the original CH video: David and I just got off the phone with Matt Stone (coolest sentence I’ve ever written). He was extremely nice and apologetic. He explained that when they couldn’t get a copy of an Inception screener, they used our sketch as source material. They thought that the lines in our sketch were taken directly from Inception (and the joke was that they were arranged in rapid succession), rather than original lines written by us.

Fair enough! It seems weird that they didn't get [...]