A Look At Zach Galifiankis' Short-Lived VH1 Talk Show, Late World With Zach

For me, Zach Galifiankis getting big is akin to when you like an indie band before they become huge. It’s also a little weird seeing a bizarre comic like Galifiankis starring in The Hangover because I knew him from three things: the time a friend of mine met him and got him to tell me on my voice mail that my parents didn’t love me, his piano-based standup I’d seen a decade prior on Conan O’Brien’s old show, and his first major mainstream exposure (except for Bubble Boy and Out Cold) the genre-mocking/convention-shattering/short-lived (of course) 2002 VH1 talk show Late World With Zach.

VH1 has changed its format many [...]