Jimmy Fallon's Perception of His 'Tonight Show' Takeover Might Be a Bit Skewed

Jimmy Fallon has been visiting local affiliates in the run-up to his Tonight Show takeover in February, and at a recent stop in Florida, some of his recollection about the origins of the transition seems a bit off. He's quoted as saying:

“As soon as I got Late Night, I called Jay and said, ‘I want to let you know I want to start on the right foot. I respect you.’ I’ve been a guest on the show numerous times. I said, ‘I’m not gunning for your job. I’m not trying to plot anything. Whenever you’re ready to step down, let me know. But I’m happy at 12:30.’”

But as [...]

NBC Renews Carson Daly; But What About Alec Baldwin's New Late Night Show?

NBC announced yesterday evening that they've renewed their 1:35am talk show Last Call with Carson Daly for another season. The news comes just a day after The New York Times reported that Alec Baldwin is in talks with the network to host his own late night show, which was expected to take over Carson Daly's late, late slot. Daly, who's a big asset to NBC as host of its #1 show The Voice, has been hosting Last Call since 2002. The renewal will mark a 13th season for the series, carrying it through 2014. In 2009, due to budgetary reasons, Last Call was transitioned from a traditional late [...]

NBC Officially Announces Jimmy Fallon Will Take Over for Jay Leno February 2014

Following months of anonymous reports from various new sources that Jimmy Fallon would be taking over for Jay Leno as host of The Tonight Show next year, NBC today has finally confirmed that it's happening. The NY Times reports that the network will install Fallon as Tonight Show host at the end of the network's coverage of the Winter Olympics in February of next year from Sochi, Russia. Under Fallon, The Tonight Show will move to New York City, where NBC has constructed a new state-of-the-art studio in 30 Rockefeller Center for the host.

The Times reports that Leno's departure is amicable, unlike when he handed the show off [...]

Jay Leno Went Back to Making Jokes About NBC Last Night

After hoisting a ton of zingers in NBC's direction last week following the network's decision to replace him with Jimmy Fallon next year, Jay Leno spent Monday and Tuesday night's shows this week laying off his network and not mentioning them, despite having plenty of opportunities to squeeze in potshots. But on last night's show, Leno returned to making jokes about NBC, even though these jokes are offending his boss for some reason. Here's what Leno said about his longtime network in last night's monologue:

"Folks, listen to this. Monday night, the primetime shows The Voice and Revolution moved NBC to the number two position. [...]

What Will Happen to Leno if NBC Dumps Him?

Despite reports that NBC is pushing Jay Leno out the door so that Jimmy Fallon can start hosting The Tonight Show next year, Leno is still the #1-rated hosted in late night. So, naturally, he'll be in high-demand if NBC does go through with the Fallon succession plan (which the network has yet to confirm). So, what are Leno's options if he does actually have to leave The Tonight Show behind?


Fox (along with ABC) previously courted Leno the last time he was leaving The Tonight Show in 2009, and the network briefly went after Conan O'Brien when he left Tonight the following year. Unlike competitors NBC, CBS, and [...]

Jay Leno's Staff Is Already Leaving 'The Tonight Show'

Jay Leno is set to once again leave The Tonight Show in February, but this time he won't have another (nearly identical) show to employ his staff. As a result, some are already jumping ship, according to Deadline reports, which reported that two producers have left to join Chelsea Lately over at E! Though the show ends early next year, all cast and crew will be paid until the end of Leno's contract with NBC, which runs until September of 2014. Leno has been reported to have about 170 staffers, though it's unclear whether that was before or after last year's layoffs.

Leno's future at NBC is still up [...]

Report: Alec Baldwin in Talks for a New Late Night Show in Carson Daly's 1:35am Slot

According to a new report by Bill Carter at The NY Times, Alec Baldwin may be getting involved in NBC's upcoming late night shuffle. With Jimmy Fallon set to take over The Tonight Show from Jay Leno in February 2014 and SNL's Seth Meyers the frontrunner to pick up Fallon's Late Night baton, the network is looking to make a change to the 1:35am post-Late Night timeslot too and Alec Baldwin is the top choice to take over for Carson Daly, who's been hosting NBC's Last Call at that time since 2002.

An anonymous network exec tells The Times that there's interest between both NBC and Baldwin, who [...]

Report: Jimmy Fallon Closed His 'Tonight Show' Deal; Seth Meyers Definitely the 'Late Night' Frontrunner

After months of reports that NBC is replacing Jay Leno with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show in 2014, it looks like Fallon has finally closed his deal and secured the new job. THR reports that Fallon has finalized his contract, but it's still unclear exactly when he'll be taking over for Leno, whose contract ends in September 2014. NBC has yet to confirm succession talks, despite Leno and Fallon discussing it and singing about it together on their shows. THR says that some NBC execs want Fallon to launch his Tonight Show, which will move the franchise to New York, in February to take advantage [...]

Kimmel on Fallon: "I Would Be Happy for Him If and When He Gets 'The Tonight Show'"

"I don't have a particular preference. I think that my relationship with Jay Leno is well-known and I happen to like Jimmy Fallon a lot both personally and professionally so I would be very happy for him if and when he gets The Tonight Show … I'd rather [Leno] go to his garage and not compete with anybody. He remains very popular and as far as I'm concerned the less competition the better."

– Jimmy Kimmel in an interview with Broadcasting & Cable about all the impending late night shuffle.

Report: Lorne Michaels Wants Seth Meyers to Host 'Late Night'

With multiple sources reporting that NBC intends to replace Jay Leno as Tonight Show host with Jimmy Fallon next fall, the big question is who's going to get Jimmy Fallon's current job as the host of Late Night. The NY Post reports today that an anonymous source says longtime SNL head writer and Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers is Late Night producer Lorne Michaels's top choice to take over for Fallon. The Post's source is quoted as saying, "Lorne Michaels wants Seth to take over from Fallon. It would be perfect for him. Tina Fey’s name had also come up, but she has said she [...]

Report: Seth Meyers Still the 'Late Night' Frontrunner; Andy Cohen and Nick Cannon Also in the Mix

NBC announced a month ago that current Late Night host Jimmy Fallon will be promoted to host of The Tonight Show next year. The network has been slow to announce who Jimmy Fallon's replacement on Late Night will be, but TV Guide reports that the network is expected to name its new host in the next couple weeks. TV Guide confirms stories in The Post and THR that current SNL head writer and Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers is the frontrunner for the job, but the report also mentions that NBC has two alternates in mind if Meyers doesn't take the gig: Watch What Happens Live host Andy [...]

Conan, Letterman, Fallon, and Leno Talk About Fallon Getting 'The Tonight Show'

After NBC's official announcement yesterday that Jimmy Fallon will be taking over The Tonight Show from Jay Leno in February of 2014, all of the late night hosts weighed in on the big news on their shows last night. Conan O'Brien, who was previously given the Tonight Show job in 2009 only to have Leno take it back a year later, broke his silence on the situation by congratulating Fallon without mentioning Leno. "I want to congratulate Jimmy, that is a really fun gig … Jimmy is the perfect guy to do it; he’s going to do a fantastic job. So congratulations Jimmy," commented O'Brien. Letterman took some [...]

Watch a Thing Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon Did Together on TV Last Night

Here's the opening of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, featuring a phone call between Fallon and Jay Leno that turns into a Broadway show tune. THR reports that this musical sketch was Fallon's idea and that his producers flew to LA to film Jay Leno's part after Leno signed off on it. It's hard to imagine Conan or Letterman being cool enough with Leno to do something like this during the last two late night wars in 2010 and 1993, respectively, even if it is a pretty harmless bit. It's definitely a sign that the Leno/Fallon transition is going smoothly and is a friendlier one than any [...]

Conan O'Brien Is Staying Out of the Fallon/Leno Thing

Yesterday night was Conan O'Brien's first show back since last week's big Fallon/Leno news, but you wouldn't know it by looking at his monologue. Last Wednesday, The NY Times confirmed that NBC is looking to replace Jay Leno with Jimmy Fallon as Tonight Show host next year and that the network is building an expensive studio for Fallon to move the late night franchise back  to New York when he takes the reins. While Fallon and Leno have both joked about the situation in their monologues, O'Brien didn't make mention of the late night skirmish at the top of his show last night. Leno didn't [...]