Happy Endings Webisodes Take a Drive Into the Past

Webisode alert: Happy Endings is two parts into a six-part weekly series about Penny's decision to sell her first car (along with her Z. Cavaricci collection and her pony skeleton). So far, these episodes are great, like little booster shots of funny banter carrying us over to our next full immunization/episode. Here's the first one to start you off, in which Max shares his sweet, sweaty memories of the Summer of '69.

Elsewhere in webisode watch news, part 2 of "Abed's Master Key" is below. That's nice.

This 30 Rock Webisode Is a Glorious Musical Nostalgia Bomb

In this 30 Rock webisode, it's fallen to Jack Donaghy to find a new act for the Super Bowl halftime show. If anyone can do it, he can – even while animated. Because he can make any business deal in any medium. "Lemon, I once persuaded the cast of Friends to do an tenth season via Morse code." P.S. Childish Gambino rapping over the Knight Rider theme song would make a dope halftime show and NBC should seriously consider it.

And the First Webisode Whets That Old Community Appetite Again

The first of the Community webisodes is here, and it's as fun as it can be while coming in at a scant one minute and 55 seconds. As much as you may love the Dean's instructions on "deaning," regrettable Tamagotchi parenting choices, and stern recitation of Britta's Britta-ish email address, though, be warned that this video may just leave you curled up in a cold corner like a junkie, shaking with the need for your next fix, until NBC parcels out the next miserly two minutes tomorrow.

Parks & Rec Webisodes Give Us A Tiny Spider-Sized High

NBC has given us the ultimate gift. No, not life or a kidney. WEBISODES. Four webisodes are available now, all following April and Andy on a road trip. In the first one, the trip comes to a grinding halt when a spider enters their car territory. Man, if we are TV drug addicts, these webisodes are like the little remnants of the drug that we snort eagerly off the floor once our high from last night's full episodes has worn off. That analogy was pretty seamless, huh?

Hazel Wassername is the Entertainment Industry's Next It Girl

Given that this webisode has maybe 90% of everyone's favorite things (30 Rock, Kristen Schaal, standup comedy, interpretive dance, dachshunds), it's safe to say that everyone will know Hazel Wassername's name within the year. "Who's that girl?" those unfortunate enough to be out of the loop will ask. "And what is she doing to my cardboard cutout of Phil Collins?" they'll continue. "Someone stop her! She's getting away!"