Funny or Die Launches Its Very Own News Vertical

Funny or Die is getting into the news business. THR reports that they've launched their very own news vertical today called Funny or Die News, a Daily Show-inspired news coverage site with Entertainment, Science/Tech, Sports, and Explainers categories already set in place. Dan Abramson — who also launched Funny or Die's digital magazine The Occasional — serves as the editor-in-chief and is joined by a staff of four writers. Abramson plans to start the site with daily news posts followed by longer pieces down the road "from a roster of real and character-driven columnists" as well as possible video components. "When people stopped trusting the news [...]

There's a Real Website for 'Silicon Valley's Pied Piper

HBO has launched PiedPiper.com, a website for the app from the show Silicon Valley, featuring a super wordy explanation of the technology ("we hope will make the world a better place through compression services across diversified market segments") and bios for the show's main characters ("In 2011 he replaced the homepage of the Federal Reserve with the cover of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. [paperback edition] It took them a week to get it down. You’re welcome").

Funny Or Die's Humor Magazine 'The Occasional' Is Now a Free Website Instead of an App that Charges Money

Funny Or Die launched its digital humor magazine, The Occasionalin the spring of 2012, but they made some major changes to it today. The Occasional is now a free, regularly-updated website instead of being a sporadic iOS magazine that charges a fee. Here's an excerpt from today's announcement about the future of The Occasional:

Our goal is to try to raise bar for internet comedy with high-brow humor. This site will be a curated, lean-back experience that’s not afraid to experiment. Not every written piece of comedy on the internet needs to be in list form. Not everything needs to be a quiz. No pandering. No cheap laughs.


Watch Dr. Tobias Fünke's Acting Reel in a New 'Arrested Development' Website from Netflix

Today, Netflix launched a fun new website to promote the new season of Arrested Development, which is set to debut on the streaming service May 26th. Located at InsertMeAnywhere.Biz, it's a faux-website for David Cross's Tobias Fünke where he's uploaded his acting reel on a green screen background for director James Cameron. It's new footage of Fünke auditioning, in costume, for roles like "Motorcycle Ruffian," "Cowpoke," and "Action Hero" for Cameron to add him via green screen into his movies or for Arrested Development fans to green screen him into various films, which is what I'm assuming 90% of web videos will be from now on. Get ready for edited [...]

Inside 'The Onion's New Click-Bait Parody, ClickHole.com

ClickHole.com, The Onion’s new standalone site, debuts today. It’s an exciting project months in the making, managed by ClickHole editor Jermaine Affonso. Affonso, previously a senior writer for The Onion, talked to Splitsider about his vision for the site and what readers can expect. "This site is The Onion’s response to click-bait content," Affonso explains. "If The Onion is a parody of news prints and The Onion News Network is a parody of cable news, then ClickHole is a parody of online media.”

'The Office Time Machine' Chronologizes Thousands of Years of Pop Culture References from 'The Office'

A new website called The Office Time Machine debuted online this week. It's a collection of 1300 clips referencing pop culture or culture from the long-running NBC sitcom, with all of them arranged to play in chronological order of when the pop culture thing originated. This heroic undertaking was done by Joe Sabia as a project about fair use/copyright.

The "Old Man in the Woods" Website from The Birthday Boys Is Real

Sketch group The Birthday Boys made a real website off of their sketch "Old Man in the Woods" (watch here) from their self-titled IFC show. OldManintheWoods.com is pretty scary.

Kevin Hart Is Launching His Own Funny Or Die

GQ has a new, lengthy profile of comedian Kevin Hart out today, and the piece details Hart's plans to launch a website in the vein of Funny Or Die. The hypothetical website will feature comedy videos but also games, apps, music, and a place to buy concert tickets.

Here's an excerpt from the piece:

Confidently, Hart forecasts the future, saying it won’t be long before his company will "have the same capability of the Netflixes and the Hulus." His website, which he has dubbed ThatShit.com until he can decide on a name, will help his fans cut through the clutter of an Internet that provides too much [...]

More Info on Funny Or Die's Revamped Version of 'The Occasional', Now a Humor Website

Earlier this month, Funny Or Die announced that its humor journal The Occasional is now a website instead of an iOS magazine that charges money. Now, the new version of The Occasional has started to roll out new content in the form of written humor pieces.

The Occasional's editor Dan Abramson tells Splitsider:

"Ultimately, we were very sorry to say goodbye to the magazine format, but are excited for the future. We loved getting to make a humor magazine, so we're going to try maintain the same spirit while expanding our reach. So we're going to start with the same types of pieces: in depth articles, interactivity, [...]

Thing X Is Shutting Down and Moving to AdultSwim.com

The makers of comedy website Thing X, which was launched by Adult Swim and a bunch of ex-Onion writers in October, announced this morning that the website ThingX.com will be going away. The staff of Thing X, however, and the site's content will be moving to AdultSwim.com where they can reach a larger audience, presumably still under the Thing X moniker. It's only the url ThingX.com that is being shut down. Thing X moves to Adult Swim this coming Monday, June 18th, so you have time to go on a big Thing X binge-watching/reading/listening session this weekend.