Splitsider's Fantasy Emmy Picks 2013

The 2013 Primetime Emmys are set to take place this Sunday under the reign of host Neil Patrick Harris, with shows, performers, and behind-the-scenes types competing for the TV industry's most sought-after awards. Real Emmy nominees were announced in July, but because some of us don't live in reality, here are Splitsider's fantasy Emmy nominations and winners:

Imagining Freaks and Geeks Season Two

Over the holidays, IFC aired a 36-hour marathon of Freaks and Geeks, which meant that each of the show's 18 episodes were aired twice. As I watched the final episode, “Discos and Dragons,” twice, it got me, like every other person who watches it, thinking about what would have happened in season two. Only vague hints have been dropped, most of which came from SketchFest in 2008. It's a fascinating thing to think about, that mythical season two! I f you'll allow me the indulgence, and with apologies to Apatow and Feig, here’s what I think might have happened:

David Cross Confirms Progress on the Arrested Development Movie Script

David Cross had a bit to say about the mythical Arrested Development movie that, if it ever even happens, will never live up to the impossible expectations set for it: "I have not seen a script. I know the story they’ve got in mind, and it is great. I think it is [a] perfect continuance of the Bluths, although I cannot say anything. I know the outline is done. I am definitely looking forward to it whenever, if ever, it happens.”