'Psychology Today': Women Have Lower "Humor Production Abilities" Than Men

Psychology Today posted a lengthy article last week on the challenges of female comedians called "'You Suck!' and 'Show Me Your Jugs!'", and it's loaded with ridiculous and inexplicable claims that would've made a great faux-fact addition to that whole "Why Women Aren't Funny" thing that happened almost ten years ago. While the piece does make a few legitimate points about the cultural and societal issues women face in the comedy world (notably Variety's sexist review of Sarah Silverman's new special) from the perspective of a real psychologist/anthropologist, the writer clearly hasn't been to many comedy shows despite the few unnamed comedian sources he cites in the [...]

Amy Poehler Parties with Smart Girls

This is the latest from Amy Poehler's web series, Smart Girls at the Party. It's fun, heartwarming, informative! Informative? Yeah, where else would we learn that Amy Poehler would choose to get hugged by a polar bear over a lion? Also, some of us learned we're afraid of 14-year old girls. We end this post like we end all posts: DANCE PARTY! [Via]

Top Female TV Producers Discuss the Funniness Potential of Penises and Vaginas

Deadline gathered Jessika Borsiczky (House of Lies), Emily Kapnek (Suburgatory), Elizabeth Meriwether (New Girl), and Emily Spivey (Up All Night) together to discuss the standard "important" questions about women in comedy they are often asked to discuss. However, at the end they got to what's really important by asking which is funnier penises or vaginas: