Submission Guidelines

So you’re interested in writing for Splitsider. Hey, great! We’re always looking for new contributors and are excited to read your pitch. Before you send it, however, here are some general guidelines:

-We’re not looking for outside submissions of short news posts, only features.

-Pitches that just say “What about something on [comedian/TV show/podcast/whatever]?” will be rejected. We like pitches that are clearly thought out and have strong angles.

-We generally don’t republish pieces that have already run elsewhere.

-We aren’t super picky about word counts, although a feature should be at the very least 700-800 words.

-If you’re looking to submit a piece of humor writing to The Humor Section, you can submit to editor Brian Boone here.

We’re primarily interested in in-depth researched and reported features. Pieces on fascinating comedic obscuritiescurrent trends in comedycomedy history that’s tied to today, and new forms of comedy are all welcome. Talking to sources, providing context, and backing up assertions with facts are all things we really love.

First-person accounts of experiences are great if they’re unique and interesting. Here’s a good example of thatHere’s another one. What we’re not interested in are pieces about you trying standup for the first time or an account of how you made the web video you’re trying to promote. The less navel-gazey, the better.

Opinion pieces need to be timely and have a very strong angle. Here’s a great example of a solid opinion piece, and here’s another. What we don’t want are vague pieces about how much you like TV show X or comedian Y.

All sound good? Send pitches and clips of your writing on over to Splitsider Editor Megh Wright.