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NBC Cancels Half of Its Comedies

After announcing today that they've picked up three new comedies for the fall and renewed Parks and Recreation for a sixth season, NBC officially canceled four of its current sitcoms: freshman series Guys with Kids and 1600 Penn and sophomores Up All Night and Whitney. Up All Night was as good as canceled anyway after Christina Applegate quit and Will Arnett began taking other work following the abandoned retooling of the series, but NBC only officially confirmed the cancellation today. The network has yet to announce a decision on the fate of Community, Go On, and The New Normal, but ratings have been low for all three [...]

NBC Offers Up Their New Schedule and Clips from Their New Comedies

Yesterday was officially Mother's Day but, when NBC announced its projected fall lineup, it felt more like Christmas. How about another analogy? Sure. Upfronts are like the NFL Draft, they mark the end of one season and the start of the next, but its still be months before anything plays out. So what does NBC's draft class look like? If comedies were offensive lineman, than NBC drafted like a lot of right guards. We had reported that they picked up a zillion (or seven) new sitcoms but it's still interesting to look at. If you include SNL, NBC has comedic programming five nights a week, which [...]

'1600 Penn' Preview: A Fat Man Trying On Different Sized Coats

1600 Penn technically premiered with a "sneak preview" last month, but is making its "official premiere" tonight at 9:30 P.M. Eastern on NBC.

Whether you end up finding NBC's new comedy 1600 Penn funny or not will be based entirely on your feelings about physical humor and where you stand on the character played by Book of Mormon's Josh Gad. Gad plays Skip Gilchrist, the President of the United States' bumbling fool of a son who exasperates his family and causes both them and the White House press secretary several headaches whenever he tries to help, which so far is all the damn time. (The obvious comparison to Chris [...]

Summing Up All of Last Night's Crazy NBC Scheduling News

We reported earlier in the evening that Anne Heche's Save Me and Ryan Murphy's The New Normal were joining Matthew Perry's Go On in NBC's fall schedule. Even later last night, NBC picked two more single-camera sitcom pilots, 1600 Penn and Animal Practice. 1600 Penn is a White House-set family sitcom, co-created and starring Josh Gad. Animal Practice is a comedy set in the office of a curmudgeonly veterinarian (Justin Kirk). Also announced was that Greg Daniels's Friday Night Dinner, Sarah Silverman, Hilary Winston, and Roseanne's Downwardly Mobile no longer have a shot to be picked up.

Will these new comedies affect our old favorites? Yes, pretty significantly. To make [...]

'Modern Family' Director/Producer Jason Winer Signs a New TV Deal with Fox

Emmy-winner Jason Winer, who produces Modern Family and is the show's former house director, just signed a new three-year deal with 20th Century Fox TV, Deadline reports. Winer has also directed episodes of New Girl, Don't Trust the B, and is writing and directing for the upcoming NBC First Family sitcom 1600 Penn, which stars Josh Gad, Bill Pullman, and Jenna Elfman and debuts January 10th. He also directed last year's poorly-received Arthur remake starring Russell Brand, which was his feature film debut, but on TV, Winer's had nothing but success. Jason Winer's new three-year Fox deal will see him building a production company at the studio, where [...]

Tom Hanks' New Movie, Ladies Selling Comedies, and the First Family Sitcom

So many new shows being bought and sold today! What is this, folks, the television show stock market? Wait, please don't leave. Can we start over?

Tom Hanks is working on a half-hour comedy for HBO about college athletes called Players. With Entourage over and Curb probably winding down, it makes sense that HBO is trying to find strong new comedies.

More ladies are selling comedies too! Jennifer Crittenden and Gaby Allan sold ABC Don't Panic, about "a group of female friends navigate the ups and downs of post-college life in New York City, all while suffering through an endless cycle of weddings and bridal showers." It's [...]