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The 11 Best Video Sketch Groups on the Internet

Internet comedy is a scary arena. There is more good comedy on the web than any one person could ever consume; there's also an over-whelming amount of garbage. In particular, good sketch videos are a tall order, as they require both funny, original ideas and solid production know-how to compete in the dark void that is YouTube. Producing one is hard enough, and the groups who can produce consistently will make up the the next generation of comedy writers, directors, and actors. To help you wade through the digital landscape, we've assembled a list (in no particular order) of 11 of our favorite video sketch groups.

BriTANick NYU [...]

Spend Five Seconds with David Koechner

This video is great and all, and I know they only have five seconds to tell their tales, but I don't know how I feel about that boy. Not only is he totally imaginary but he doesn't even say thank you for the watch. If you're going to be the manifestations of someone's lunancy, you should at least have the courtesy of being polite.

Patton Oswalt Crab Walks Into Catastrophe for 5-Second Films

Patton Oswalt's Crabwalkin' video for 5-Second Films is so cute/violent, I'm going to go ahead and gloss over the fact that he is clearly not crab-walking, at least in society's mutually-agreed upon definition. As for the ill-fated meeting between his junk and a forcefully kicking leg, 5-Second Films explains, "Thus began a feud between two powerful families of pure hearts and proud walks, a feud as inevitable as the setting of the sun and the icing of the balls." So, basically Romeo and Juliet, except the complete opposite and with more testicular hematoma.

Watch the '5 Second Films' Team's Four-Hour Live Show

In order to raise money for their crowdfunded full-length feature film Dude Bro Party Massacre 3, the folks behind 5 Second Films hosted a live streaming four-hour music and comedy show on YouTube yesterday. Here's the whole thing, in case you have four hours to fill or something.

Patton Oswalt Is the Wizard King

Patton Oswalt's journey into madness with the gang at 5-Second Films continues today. You can't really describe a five-second comedy video in much detail without ruining it, but I will say that it involves wizards and also made me feel a vague sense of guilt and shame afterwards.

The '5 Second Films' Team Wants You to Fund Their First Full-Length Movie

For the past five years, a group of filmmakers have been making movies for their website 5-Second Films every single weekday, and now they're looking to make their first full-length movie. The 5-Second Films team, whose shorts have featured comedians like Patton Oswalt, Doug Benson, and Weird Al, put up a Kickstarter today for their feature Dude Bro Party Massacre 3 in an attempt to raise $200,000 to make the '80s slasher movie-skewering comedy. The movie is based on a 5-second film the group made and later expanded into a fake trailer. See below for a trailer and a longer description of the movie from a group that Patton [...]

Patton Oswalt Suffers The Consequences for 5-Second Films

After having his junk destroyed in Crabwalkin', Patton Oswalt's 5-Second Films career continues with the complete annihilation of his being in You Got Mail. On one hand, it's sad to see Patton rent asunder after violating the mail delivery code. On the other hand, he gets to wear that darling little safari hat. Before his brain matter explodes through it.