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Bob Odenkirk Reads an Excerpt from 'A Load of Hooey' on 'Conan'

Bob Odenkirk is currently on tour promoting his new book A Load of Hooey, and he stopped by last night's Conan to do a live reading as a shameless politician who calls a press conference to get some skeletons out of his closet.

Bob Odenkirk Wrote a Book of Plays, Monologues, Short Fiction, and Free-Verse Poetry

Bob Odenkirk is set to release his first book, a collection of short pieces called A Load of Hooey that's set to come out via publisher McSweeney's later this year. The book will include a variety of different stuff, including plays, monologues, short fiction, and free-verse poetry, with pieces titled "Martin Luther King, Jr’s Worst Speech Ever," "Obituary for the Creator of Madlibs," and more. Odenkirk, who is set to star in the upcoming Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul, released a collection of unproduced scripts he co-wrote with David Cross last fall called Hollywood Said No!, but A Load of Hooey will be the first solo [...]

Bob Odenkirk Announces 'A Load of Hooey' Tour Dates

To promote his brand new book A Load of Hooey, Bob Odenkirk is going on a nationwide tour that will be split between readings/book signings and live comedy shows featuring opening act Brandon Wardell. Stops in Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and New York will feature readings from the book as well as guest readings, sketches not included in the book, and "special yammerings." Click through for the full list of tour dates and information:

Watch a Play from Bob Odenkirk's New Book Called "Hitler Dinner Party"

Bob Odenkirk's new book A Load of Hooey comes out today, and to get you excited, he teamed up with Funny or Die and the voice talents of Megan Amram to turn his short play "Hitler Dinner Party" into a fully realized and extremely awkward animation. For more monologues, poetry, fiction, and plays from the mind of Bob Odenkirk, order yourself a copy of A Load of Hooey immediately.