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Pamela Adlon Looks Back on Louis C.K.'s TV Marriage Proposal

"I remember Louie called me from a comedy club in Peoria, Illinois, and he said, 'Please don’t do that other show. You have to play my wife on television. I need you to. This has to happen.' Even though I was married at the time, I remember hanging up the phone, thinking, 'Okay, I think I was just proposed to.'"

Pamela Adlon on being cast as Louis C.K.'s wife on Lucky Louie in the newest installment of A.V. Club's series Random Roles.

Relive the 1993 Efforts of Sandler, Leary, Foxworthy, and The Jerky Boys

"The comedy album lives, and all it took was a bunch of rednecks, assholes, jerks, and buffoons to save it."

– As part of The A.V. Club's 1993 Week, Sean O'Neal looks back at four hit comedy albums from 20 years ago that brought comedy albums back to the mainstream.

Patton Oswalt Love-Hates New York

There is a lot of beautiful stuff packed into Genevieve Koski's Patton Oswalt interview at the A.V. Club, including Patton's complete and utter disdain for living in New York. "I would open the doors to the hotel in the lobby, and even the two doormen would look back, like, 'All right, dude, here it comes,' and just this wave of garbage air would pummel you," Patton says, describing his current three-month stint in the city. "It was like a shockwave of stink. I was almost excited to do it in the morning to see what new, horrible smell would come down there."

Despite smelling like the hot, wet [...]