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Serious Comedy at Aaron Sorkin's 'Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip'

In the war of the low-rated backstage-at-Saturday-Night-Live TV shows, there can be only one. And in 2006’s race to viewership mediocrity, Tina Fey’s 30 Rock, which spoofed her time as SNL’s head writer, was Christopher Lambert. And we’re all better for it.

Well, everyone was better for it, except for this guy: Aaron Sorkin.

Is 'The Newsroom' Really Just an Unfunny Remake of 'NewsRadio'?

At its heart, HBO's The Newsroom has been a sitcom. Sure, it might be an hour-long and take itself really, really seriously, but consider the following: most of The Newsroom takes place in a single location, and most episodes tends to focus more on witty banter and romantic entanglements instead of, you know, reporting the news. Running time and “Fix You” montages aside, the show is an old-fashioned workplace sitcom. Reshoot it with three cameras in front of a studio audience, and The Newsroom could fit right at home on Must See TV, alongside Cheers and Night Court. (Although The Newsroom’s treatment of female characters might seem antiquated even for the 1980s.)

Aaron Sorkin is no stranger [...]

The Day Comedy Won: How 30 Rock Beat Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Last month, NBC picked up 30 Rock for a sixth season, which must be celebrated as a miracle when one considers what Tina Fey’s “comedy show about a comedy show” was up against during its first year.

In 2006, 30 Rock wasn’t the only NBC show focusing on the off-camera lives of the people who run a live sketch comedy show. The bigger, more highly anticipated, and frankly more popular show was Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, from power-screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing creator and since-then writer of The Social Network). Of course, Studio 60 was a drama while 30 Rock a comedy, and NBC [...]

The Onion's Seth Reiss Wrote a Fake 'Studio 60' Oral History and Amazon Page

For nearly two years, Seth Reiss, current head writer for The Onion, has been tweeting as Matt Albie, the main character of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Aaron Sorkin's short-lived TV series about the backstage happenings at an SNL-esque sketch show. Today, Reiss has released a new website, SketchComedyIsImportant.com, which features an excerpt from an oral history of the show-within-the-show and a fake Amazon page for the book. Comedian Jake Fogelnest, who's been Reiss's partner in crime and tweeting as Studio 60 character Danny Tripp since 2011, tells Splitsider, "Seth is the greatest — we'd been talking about the oral history forever as a bit and he [...]

Greg Mottola to Direct Aaron Sorkin's New HBO Pilot

Here's an interesting combo: Greg Mottola, director of Superbad, Adventureland and Paul, has signed on to direct the new HBO pilot from Aaron Sorkin. The pilot, which is a drama, is going to focus on Will McCallister, played by Jeff Daniels, and will go "behind-the-scenes of his own cable news show as well as his female executive producer and staff." Practice those walk-and-talk steadicam shots, Greg!

Patton Oswalt to Read Aaron Sorkin Sermons on 'The Newsroom'

Patton Oswalt has been cast in a recurring role in the second season of Aaron Sorkin's talky HBO series The Newsroom, Deadline reports. Oswalt is playing Jonas Pfeiffer, the new Vice President of Human Resources at the Atlantic Cable News Channel. Who better than a comedian to deliver preachy Sorkin sermons?

Aaron Sorkin to Play Himself on 30 Rock

Here's a fun upcoming guest star for 30 Rock: Aaron Sorkin. He'll be playing himself, and it should set up the writers nicely for some more jokes at the expense of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

As for why he'd subject himself to mockery like that, well, I assume being nominated for an Oscar makes you more willing to laugh about your past failures. After all, where's your Oscar, Tina Fey? That's what I thought. SORKIN OUT!