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Saturday Night’s Children: Abby Elliott (2008-2012)

Saturday Night Live has been home to over a hundred cast members throughout the past 37 years. In our column Saturday Night’s Children, we present the history, talent, and best sketches of one SNL cast member every other week for your viewing, learning, and laughing pleasure.

Alongside Michaela Watkins, 21-year-old Abby Elliott was hired as a featured player when Amy Poehler went on maternity leave a month into season 34. Elliott's impersonation skills and beamy delivery proved invaluable during her run, from her election season Rachel Maddow sketches to her cooing sex-kitten take on host Anna Faris. Elliott’s announcement of her SNL departure in August 2012 came as [...]

Abby Elliott Is Not Returning to 'SNL'

Abby Elliott has confirmed that she's leaving Saturday Night Live after four seasons. It's a surprising move; while it's known that Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg have left the show, and there's been talk that Jason Sudeikis may leave as well, it seemed like the rest of the cast was all on board for the new season.

Joining the cast as a featured player in 2008, she was one of the show's youngest performers ever at age 21 as well as being the first second-generation castmember in the show's history — her dad, Chris Elliott, was on during the 1994-1995 season.

Abby had a number of memorable impressions [...]

So Abby Elliott's Not Leaving SNL This Year After All

Very suspicious news is in the air. Abby Elliott has left the pilot cast for Ben Fox Is My Manny after "it was determined that she wasn’t the right fit for the role" in a table read yesterday. Determined by whom? Damn you, passive voice! What happened here??? Drama aside, the upshot is that Elliott won't have to leave SNL if the show goes to series. Which is good, because Angelina Jolie is not going to stop adopting babies anytime soon, and SNL is not going to stop needing to make fun of her.

New Trailer Suggests That High Road May Be the Best Improvised Comedy of the Year

Here's the latest trailer for Matt Walsh's improvised UCB movie High Road, featuring Ed Helms, Rob Riggle, Horatio Sanz, Kyle Gass, Abby Elliott, Lizzy Caplan and Zach Woods. It looks quite a bit more put-together this time around, with a plot and everything:

Glenn “Fitz” Fitzgerald (James F. Pumphrey) is a young man whose loyalties are split among his band, his girlfriend Monica (Abby Elliott) and selling weed. After his band breaks up, Fitz finds himself dealing pot out of his garage and bonding with 16-year-old neighborhood kid Jimmy (Dylan O’Brien). As his former band mates (Zach Woods, Matt L. Jones, Lizzy Caplan) begin finding success and [...]

Chris, Abby, and Bridey Elliott Are Doing a Live Show Together

Living comedy legend Chris Elliott and his talented daughters Abby (from SNL) and Bridey Elliott (from Twitter) will be appearing together onstage next month for the first time ever. The live late night show "Running Late with Scott Rogowsky" will host "An Evening with the Elliotts" at the PIT in NYC on December 6th. Hopefully, this will become an annual thing, and by next year, this comedy family will have grown even larger and there will be five funny Elliotts onstage together.

Chris Elliott and Abby Elliott Gallivant Adorably Around Brooklyn

“I think the thing with my dad and me, which is a little different than Abby, is that if you didn’t like Bob and Ray you really didn’t like them. And if you don’t like me, you really don’t like me. I think Abby has a more universal appeal—it’s people across the board. How can you watch the Zooey Deschanel thing and not enjoy it?” – Chris Elliott discussing the difference between his comedian daughter, comedian father, and himself. It's part of an endearing profile of Chris and Abby in Delta airlines' Sky magazine. (Seriously, it's in Sky. Weird, right?). Worth looking at just for the lovely pictures of the two of [...]

Abby Elliott Could Be Leaving SNL After This Season

Abby Elliott has signed on to star in the Fox pilot Ben Fox Is My Manny, as a single mom whose brother moves in to serve as, yep, a manny. Though the taping of the pilot itself will be contained within SNL's spring hiatus, Elliott would have to leave SNL if the new show went to series next fall. We knew the cast would be changing soon, but are you ready to see Elliott move on to other things after three years? Or will you be fervently hoping that nobody at Fox likes this particular pilot?

SNL's Abby Elliott and Sarah Schneider Team Up for "Balls! The Music Video"

SNL's Abby Elliott and Sarah Schneider teamed up over their hiatus to write and star in this new CollegeHumor video: Balls! The Music Video. It is, as the title suggests, about balls, objects which Abby — sorry, "Channon" — finds to be fascinating to the point of obsession. Also: dancing!

Abby Elliott Finds Her First Post-'SNL' Part

Only two weeks after officially leaving SNL, Abby Elliott has already lined up an arc on How I Met Your Mother. She will play a quirky girl named Janeane, whose craziness proves to be overwhelmingly attractive to one of the crew. Maybe it's Ted or Barney or even Robin. Really, anything is fine, as long as it's not Lily's dad because that would be supes gross.

New Web Series Pits Abby Elliott Against Abby Elliott

I know those names look similar but one is actually pronounced with a silent accent over the second b. Which one? I'm not totally sure. This is the first installment of The Assistant, the third new web series from Broadway Videos' Above Average YouTube channel. It tells the tale of a boss who hires an assistant because she looks exactly like her can pull off glasses. In the preview of the series below it appears Abby at some point plays a third character who is also probably named Abby but with a silent accent over the space between the first and last name.

How Will SNL Handle Whitney Houston's Death?

As music lovers reel from the news of Whitney Houston's tragic death at 48, SNL has inherited its own sticky situation: next Saturday's host is Maya Rudolph, who's perhaps best known on the show for her impression of Houston. Will Rudolph sport the honey wig, white turtleneck and rose sunglasses once more in tribute to the star? Or (more likely) will SNL ignore the coincidence and let it be a sad, uncomfortable, too-soon elephant in the room? Or will they find a successful third option and poke fun at themselves for their own poor timing? Let us turn to the past to predict the future.