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Here's a Look at Three Web Series Premiering on Above Average Next Week

Here's the trailer for the second season of Commentary On, an Above Average web series full of mental TMI from Jared Lapidus and James McCarthy of Reverse Cowboys. Click through to check out the trailers for two new series Above Average has also added to its lineup to premiere next week, including one about helping idiots understand smart-people things and another about a cross-dressing chimpanzee.

Above Average Launches Two New Shows

Above Average, the YouTube channel of Lorne Michaels's company Broadway Video, just debuted two new web series this week. The first (above) is called That Couple You Know and it was created by Mike Scollins and Emily Altman. The second (below) is Charles, Your Hangover, written and directed by sketch group Two Trick Pony. Both shows will debut episodes weekly, with each of them having a six-episode season. Above Average also premiered a new run of episodes of its show Thingstarter this week, as well.

Watch the First Two Episodes of 'Hudson Valley Ballers'

Above Average released the first two episodes of the new web series "Hudson Valley Ballers" today, and they are as hilarious as expected (and feature a creepy disappearing doll, which is always a bonus). "Best Friends" features guest stars Kate McKinnon and Paul Rudd, and "Felize V. The Feminists" features Paula and James as a pair of outspoken feminists in what I can only describe as an older, wiser, upstate New York version of Portlandia. Click through to watch the second episode.

Watch Kate McKinnon and Zachary Levi in a Fake Rom-Com Trailer from Above Average

Here's a trailer for a fake romantic comedy called Falling Down from Lorne Michaels's company Broadway Video's YouTube channel Above Average. It stars SNL's Kate McKinnon, Chuck's Zachary Levi, SNL's Aidy Bryant, and hopefully for Kate McKinnon's sake, a stuntperson.

Check Out the Trailer Above Average's New Web Series 'Storytime'

The clever folks at Above Average have posted the trailer for their new web series, Chioke Nassor's Storytime, which features comedians telling some of their favorite true stories and then playing each character in the re-enactment of that story. The first three episodes premiere this week, with stories from Aparna Nancherla, Eric Andre, and Jonathan Ames. Of course, you'll recognize Chioke's name as one of the writers in Splitsider's own Exquisite Corpse Project. Below, check out an old episode of Storytime, with a story from stand-up and improviser Sasheer Zamata about missed connections and flashing.

Watch Above Average's New Backstage 'SNL' Series 'Saturday Night Line'

Over the weekend, Above Average debuted the first two episodes of their newest web series Saturday Night Line, in which SNL cast members interact with freezing fans in the NBC ticket standby line. In the above clip, Vanessa Bayer is a little too confident remembering a fan's questions for Drake, and below, Taran Killam is nice enough to give his tickets to an unsuspecting fan regardless of the wave of standby line jealousy he causes.

Learn All About Sustainable Kidnapping in This New "Thingstarter" Video

Above Average is rolling out new web series episodes this week, and today they dropped the fourth installment of The Bilderbergers' Kickstarter parody "Thingstarter." In an ad that could easily fit in on any Portlandia episode, a masked Brandon Gulya and Dan Chamberlain show us how they've transformed kidnapping from a violent and careless act into a sustainable way of life, with Will Hines playing the kidnappee–I mean kidnapped person.

'SNL' Writers Paula Pell and James Anderson Wrote a New Web Series Starring Paul Rudd and Kate McKinnon

Here's a trailer for "Hudson Valley Ballers," a new web series by longtime SNL writers Paula Pell and James Anderson costarring Kate McKinnon and Paul Rudd. The series follows Paula and James, "longtime best friends who have been SNL writers for years, and now are queerballin' through their days in the Hudson Valley." The first two episodes will be available on Above Average on Tuesday the 17th, so get ready to meet your favorite new upstate livin' couples.

Jonathan Ames Shows Us the Time He Boxed a Stranger in a Hotel Room

As part of Chioke Nassor's new Storytime series, Jonathan Ames reenacts the time he purposefully got in a boxing match with a stranger in a hotel room in his underwear. Apparently that was all there was do to in New York in the 90s when you didn't feel like working.

Watch the Final Episode of the Web Series 'Rejected Pitches'

Here's the final episode of Rejected Pitches, which began as an independent web series in April of 2012 before being snapped up by Lorne Michaels's company's YouTube channel Above Average a few months later. Created and written by Dan Klein, the show stars Klein, Kelly Hudson, and Ben Rameaka as a trio of clueless movie execs shooting down pitches for classic films. The finale features guest star Aidy Bryant and the return of Robert Zemeckis (played by Adam Bozarth), who was in the first episode to pitch Back to the Future. Here, he's coming in to pitch Forrest Gump.

Check out a playlist of past Rejected Pitches below:

'SNL's Sasheer Zamata Will Take You on a 'Girls' Tour of Brooklyn

Newest SNL cast member Sasheer Zamata stars in the latest web video from Above Average, the digital wing of Lorne Michaels's company Above Average. In this sketch written by Celeste Ballard and Alex Scordelis, Zamata plays a superfan of HBO's Girls, giving an authentic tour of the show's Brooklyn setting.

Watch Three New Trailers for Above Average's 2014 Series Lineup

Above Average released trailers for two new and one returning web series today. First is a pickup of Two Trick Pony's "Charles, Your Hangover" starring Tory Stanton as a personified hangover, and the trailer features a sloshed Lauren Lapkus and Brian Baumgartner. The second new series "That Couple You Know" stars Josh Ruben and Jocelyn DeBoer as a really annoying couple, and the last trailer is for the second season of "Thingstarter," a series of Kickstarter parody videos by The Bilderbergers (Lucas Klauss, Matt Moskovciak, Ben Stadler) featuring Will Hines as a victim of sustainable kidnapping. All three series premiere on Above Average's YouTube channel on January 14th; [...]

Left Handed Radio and Above Average Present PodToons!

Splitsider Podcast Network podcast Left Handed Radio has a new cartoon webshow called PodToons, produced by Above Average Productions. PodToons brings to life some of LHR's best material, thanks to the animation magic of Rich Chapple, who also animated Above Average's Waco Valley. The first episode of PodToons, Batman is a Terrible Liar, is also worth a click.

Aparna Nancherla Has a Great New York Story

Here's the first episode of director Chioke Nassor's web series Storytime for Above Average. In the first installment, standup and Totally Biased writer Aparna Nancherla tells a pretty exciting story about seeing a runaway UPS truck in New York City. Episodes of the show with Eric Andre and Jonathan Ames drop later this week.