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Relive the 1993 Efforts of Sandler, Leary, Foxworthy, and The Jerky Boys

"The comedy album lives, and all it took was a bunch of rednecks, assholes, jerks, and buffoons to save it."

- As part of The A.V. Club's 1993 Week, Sean O'Neal looks back at four hit comedy albums from 20 years ago that brought comedy albums back to the mainstream.

Adam Sandler Is Starring in Jason Reitman's Next Movie

Adam Sandler can add another acclaimed director to the list of acclaimed directors he's worked with. Oscar-nominated filmmaker Jason Reitman (Up in the Air, Juno) is close to casting Sandler as a lead in his next movie, Men, Women & Children, an adaptation of the 2011 Chad Kultgen novel of the same name, THR reports. Sandler, Jennifer Garner, and Rosemarie DeWitt are "circling" the lead parts in the movie, and there's a possibility Cameron Diaz will come onboard as well. The movie is a dark satire about a group of families falling apart for a variety of reasons. The main family consists of a porn-addicted father and a [...]

Adam Sandler to Play a Suicidal Man Who Can See Ghosts in His Next Movie

Adam Sandler is remaking his first Korean supernatural comedy. THR reports that Sandler has signed on to star in and produce Hello Ghost with Chris Columbus attached to direct. A remake of the 2010 Korean comedy of the same name, the film follows a guy who, after a failed suicide attempt, discovers he can see four ghosts who won't leave him alone until he grants them each a wish. It's something he's never done before at least, right?

This Is What 'Grown Ups 2' Will Look Like in Case You Were Curious

Rob Schneider out, deer piss in.

Adam Sandler's 'That's My Boy' Receives 8 Razzie Nominations, Fewer than 'Jack and Jill'

Nominations for the 33rd Annual Razzie Awards, which honor the worst in film, were just announced, and the Adam Sandler/Andy Samberg vehicle That's My Boy received a whopping eight nominations. That's a lot, but it falls short of 12 nominations for Sandler's Jack and Jill last year. That's My Boy was nominated in just about every category, including Worst Picture, Worst Screen Ensemble, and Worst Actor (Adam Sandler), joining Battleship, Oogieloves, and the latest Twilight installment as one of 2012's most-nominated movies, Razzie-wise. That's My Boy had more nominations than any other comedy this year, beating out Madea's Witness Protection (4), A Thousand Words (3), What to Expect When You're Expecting (2), [...]

Adam Sandler Made Quite an Impression at Andy Samberg's Wedding

The recently wedded Andy Samberg dropped by Conan last night, where he talked about his That's My Boy co-star Adam Sandler's eccentric appearance at the wedding. Below, he also shows off the bad-ass action movies he's trying to incorporate into his new show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 

Almost No One Recommends Seeing 'Grown Ups 2'

In some of the least shocking movie news of 2013, critics absolutely hate Adam Sandler's latest comedy, Grown Ups 2. The 2010 original wasn't exactly beloved, earning a 10 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and a 30 out of 100 on Metacritic. But it also earned $271 million at the international box office, making a sequel inevitable. So far, Grown Ups 2 isn't even living up to the low bar set by the original, with the current Rotten Tomatoes rank currently hovering at 7 percent, and a Metacritic score of only 20/100. Much of the venom is directed at the film's low-brow scatological humor and female objectification, as well the waste [...]

Adam Sandler Tells Jay Leno to Go to Fox

After over two decades on The Tonight Show (and off and back on again), Jay Leno is stepping away from the late night franchise for a second time in February of next year, and his guest last night suggested to Leno on air that he moved to Fox. Sandler, who himself was let go from NBC's late night department in 1995, asked Leno, "So, Jay, retiring buddy?" Leno responded, "Well, we’re stepping aside" to which Sandler suggested, "You’re thinking about relaxing and I have a good idea for what Jay should do. Don’t you think he should just take it easy, enjoy, breathe, maybe go to Fox, do [...]

Nick Swardson Is Taking Rob Schneider's Place in 'Grown Ups 2'

It looks like one of the stars of Grown Ups will be missing when the inevitable sequel comes out this summer. Rob Schneider is the only one of the central five characters who isn't returning for Grown Ups 2, and he's been replaced by his fellow Adam Sandler regular Nick Swardson. Swardson will play an alcoholic school bus driver who's the brother of Rob Schneider's character from the original and sports a similar hairstyle.

The reasons for Schneider not being included in the film are unclear. In a radio interview last year, Schneider cited money issues and a scheduling conflict with his CBS sitcom Rob, explaining, "They're doing [...]

Adam Sandler Tells Hurricane Sandy What's What

Adam Sandler took the stage at the Hurricane Sandy 12-12-12 benefit concert last night to belt out this parody version of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah," entitled "Sandy, Screw Ya." Other comedians performing at the benefit included Chris Rock, Jon Stewart, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Bobby Moynihan, and non-comedy people like Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney & Nirvana, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Kanye West, and Billy Crystal.

Adam Sandler in Talks to Star in an Indie Drama About a Shoe Cobbler for Director Tom McCarthy

Adam Sandler is getting ready to go dramatic once again. He's in negotiations to star in The Cobbler, a new indie drama from Thomas McCarthy, the writer/director of acclaimed films like The Station Agent, The Visitor, and Win Win, THR reports. Not much is known about the movie, but THR says it's about "a shoe man who has the ability to metaphysically step into the lives of the people whose shoes he repairs." Sandler is expected to film The Cobbler right before filming another serious role, in director Jason Reitman's next movie, Men, Women & Children. Sandler's last serious role was in Judd Apatow's Funny People in [...]

Watch a Cheetah Attack Adam Sandler

Here's Adam Sandler on Letterman last night, sharing a video of a cheetah attacking him while on a safari in Africa. Don't worry, those of you who are looking forward to Grown Ups 3, Adam Sandler is completely fine as it wasn't that bad of a cheetah attack.

Zabadooo! The Comedy of Adam Sandler

During interviews for the 2009 feature film Funny People Judd Apatow, who shared an apartment with Adam Sandler in Los Angeles during the late 80s before they made it, often said that Sandler was one of the funniest people he knew. So funny, in fact, that he started tape recording the prank phone calls Sandler would make to keep for posterity. It was one of those phone calls that Apatow used in the opening scene of Funny People.

In this brief clip, we see why Apatow was keen on capturing the moment and why he was so confident that Sandler would go on to be a big star. Adopting [...]

Adam Sandler's Next Movie Will Be About a Blended Family

Adam Sandler has signed on to star in a new untitled comedy about a blended family, Deadline reports. The movie follows Jim and Lauren, who go on a disastrous blind date and then get stuck together in a family resort with each of their kids from previous marriages, causing them to come closer together. Sandler is eyeing a small group of actresses for the part of Lauren, including his Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates costar Drew Barrymore. Sandler's next movie was supposed to be a western comedy called Ridiculous 6, but this family movie pushes that project back. I know that's rough news for all of [...]