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Watch Paul F. Tompkins Sing "Skyfall" with a Full Band

Here's Paul F. Tompkins singing Adele's theme from the James Bond movie Skyfall with a full band backing him up. It's a spectacular performance from the final Paul F. Tompkins Show of 2012, his monthly variety show at the L.A. nightclub Largo. Tompkins is taking a little break from The Paul F. Tompkins Show, but he's promised via Tumblr to share more cool stuff from his personal video archive in the new year and we all know Tumblr promises can't be broken.

Today's Ridiculous and Amusing Joke Twitter Account: @AdelesExBF

Comedians are great on Twitter, sure, but there's something magical about the parody accounts with a built-in shelf life that pop up relatively often (see: @weboughtaz00). This way of making jokes is so new and unique to the medium, you can't help but love it. This one, which was started two nights ago, purports to be by Adele's ex-boyfriend. It probably won't be pumping out 15 jokes a day in 18 months, but man is it funny right now.