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Chris Gethard Settles a High School Yearbook Dispute

A high school student was forbidden from using a quote from comedian Chris Gethard in her high school yearbook because his last name spells out the words "get hard," so Gethard visited her to get to the bottom of things right in this video for the IFC network's adopted comic program. Unfortunately, the video doesn't conclude with Gethard ambushing the high school yearbook teacher with a camera crew to discuss the injustice, but hopefully, somebody will set said teacher straight someday.

Chris Gethard's Promise to Give a Bunch of Autographs Is Ruining His Life

In December, the IFC network's adopted comic Chris Gethard promised to send an autographed headshot with an irrelevant movie quote to anyone who emails him, and he's regretting it now. Here's a follow-up video IFC just released, showing Gethard really sad and defeated as he has to actually write hundreds of movie quotes on his old headshots and send them out to people. Please stop emailing him, it doesn't look like he can take much more.

IFC's Chris Gethard Tries to Get a Diner to Hang Up His Autographed Photo

Here's IFC's adopted comic Chris Gethard going around, trying to get his autographed headshot hung up in a series of diners but to no avail, which leads him to give a shoe warehouse and "a weird, closed-down miniature golf place" a shot. I've definitely seen far-less-successful actors than Gethard with their photos hung up in crappy restaurants. Maybe he's being too ambitious with his diner selection. Either way, Gethard will have no trouble getting his photo hung up in even the world's loftiest diners once this IFC Adopt-A-Comic program kicks into high gear and gets him all the fame and riches he expects it will. Then, he can afford [...]