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Amex Hitched Their Wagon to 'SNL's Parody of Their Commercial

If you watched Chris Hemsworth's SNL episode live last weekend, you probably noticed that the pre-taped commercial parody spoofing the very serious Mindy Kaling American Express commercial was directly followed by the actual ad, and today Variety confirms that the move was, in fact, a calculated move on Amex's part:

American Express already had plans for an ad featuring comic actress Mindy Kaling to air during Saturday’s broadcast, and NBC out of courtesy gave the financial-services giant and its media-buying agency, Mindshare, a heads-up about plans for the satirical piece to air, according to two people familiar with the situation. NBC in turn was asked to [...]

'Comedy Bang Bang' Makes Its Ads as Funny as the Rest of the Show

"The native ads on Comedy Bang Bang reward savvy viewers for watching Mad Men, and not clicking on banner ads, by being up-front about what they're doing–and doing it in a style that's just as weird and meta as the rest of the show."

- Fast Compnay's Co.Create has a look at how IFC's Comedy Bang Bang has integrated product placement while making a joke about product placement, with their excellent Volkswagen and Cheez-It spots.

Will Ferrell, Old Milwaukee Pitchman, Returns to the Airwaves…In Sweden

You may remember that a few months back a couple of ads popped up in random, tiny TV markets featuring one Mr. Will Ferrell speaking on behalf of Old Milwaukee. This wasn't a plan hatched by that swill maker; it was just something he did on his own and they were obviously fine with. And now our favorite canned beer pitchman is back, this time in Stockholm, laughing at the silly Swedish language. On Swedish TV. Do they even sell Old Milwaukee in Sweden? I hope not, because it just makes this ad all the more absurd.

Nick Offerman and Craig Robinson Continue Their Chicago v. Chicago Bickering

Here's the second in New Era's series of spots featuring Nick Offerman, Cubs fan, squaring off against Craig Robinson, White Sox fan, in a battle of wits. I've said it before and I'll say it again: using funny people in well-written commercials may not get me to start wearing baseball hats, but it'll get me to watch your commercial. And that's got to be at least a partial victory for them, right?

Doc Brown Is Now a Pitchman for an Argentine Electronics Retailer

You might think that you saw the last of Doc Brown as he flew off in his time travelling locomotive with his new family at the end of Back to the Future Part III. Turns out that's not the case! Everyone's favorite lovable mad scientist apparently travelled to the year 2011 at some point, avoiding Hill Valley this time, and discovered Garbarino. He was so impressed with their selection of flat-screen TVs, cellphones and iPads that he made this commercial for them.

It's pretty well done and relatively amusing, but it seems strange that Christopher Lloyd would be legally allowed to reappear as the character, with his signature [...]

SNL's Insane Season 40 Product Tie-Ins, In Order of Ridiculousness

Next month, NBC is celebrating Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary with a live anniversary special, and the network has been prepping for this television event for the past year in the form of an overload of product tie-ins, commercials featuring cast members, and enough branded SNL merchandise to make Jack Donaghy cry with joy. With the latest news that SNL will get the interactive art exhibit treatment this spring, we decided to break down five of SNL's most ridiculous promotions and tie-ins of the past year, from least to most ridiculous.

Will Ferrell Made SEVENTY Dodge Ads as Ron Burgundy

Get ready for a lot of Ron Burgundy this year. Over the weekend, we got a glimpse of Will Ferrell's news anchor in an ad for the Dodge Durango, extolling the virtues of a good glove box. Now, Jalopnik reports that he has taped 70 ads as Burgundy, including Vines, viral ads, sketches, and other not-for-TV promotions, which will be rolled out slowly on Dodge's YouTube Channel. Aside from selling cars, the ads exist to promote Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, which will be released in December. Below, a few of the best ads:

'TGS' Writers Use the Internet to Do Important Work

Toofer suggests salad. People are like "How about pizza?" "How about BBQ?" And Toofer is all like, "How about a nice light salad?" Shut up Toofer. Go back to Harvard with your dumb smart friends who call things "brain food." [Via]

I Would Happily Watch Nick Offerman and Craig Robinson Bicker All Day Long

New Era caps have struck upon a truly beautiful way to advertise their hats: get two beloved stars of NBC sitcoms and have them argue about their favorite baseball teams. First there was the inspired series of spots featuring Yankees fan Alec Baldwin and Red Sox fan John Krasinski, and now we've got Cubs fan Nick Offerman and White Sox fan Craig Robinson arguing over which Chicago team truly is king. Look, I don't wear hats, but I'm willing to start if they promise to keep making these forever and ever and ever.

Let's All Agree to Never Make Videos In Which People Say the Same Thing Simultaneously Again

Oh good, here's another case of comedians accusing someone of stealing their simple, uncomplicated idea that has probably been done dozens of times before and after they did it. This time it's sketch duo Pete and Brian accusing McDonalds of ripping off their bit for an ad. Hey, two people talking at the same time! Again! They're even talking about lawyering up!

Tim and Eric Made a Totino's Pizza Roll Commercial That's Hardcore Punk Rock

Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim have been on a roll in the advertising world lately. Back in September they directed a commercial for a GE lightbulb starring a hot tub-lounging Jeff Goldblum, and now they're back with a new ad for Totino's Pizza Rolls that's bizarre enough to make you switch from Gino's Pizza Rolls out of curiosity alone.

Here Are Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler, and Paul Rudd's Super Bowl Ads

In case you missed them yesterday, here are all the Super Bowl commercials starring cool comedy people. The first is Will Ferrell's ad for Old Milwaukee, his second consecutive Super Bowl ad for the beer brand. Like the last one, it only aired locally (in three cities), which is pretty awesome. Hit the jump for Amy Poehler's Super Bowl ad and one starring Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, and Bob Odenkirk, both of which aired in more than three cities:

Who Lives Like That? The Most Absurd Aspirational Ads Out There

This #NoBollocks content was produced in partnership with Newcastle Brown Ale. If you enjoy this article, won't you be a doll and watch a TV commercial on the Internet? Go on, it's right there on the right.

The advertising industry is inherently aspirational. Commercials create a fantasy that elicit both desire for a possibility and disappointment in the reality. We don’t buy the product, we buy into the idea the product promises us. Depending how you look at it, life is either nothing but anticlimax, or rife with opportunity. By making a purchase, we are refusing to settle for the former. Happiness is that thing before [...]

The Saga of Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski's Baseball Rivalry Ends with Some Soiled Pants

Here is the sixth and final installment of New Era's series of ads featuring Red Sox fan John Krasinski and Yankees fan Alec Baldwin tormenting each other over their regional rivalry. In this spot, our two heros watch the end of a tense game between their two teams, with pausing the game to use the restroom just not being an option.