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Alan Tudyk Takes Over for Mather Zickel as Host of Adult Swim's 'Newsreaders'

Adult Swim's Childrens Hospital spinoff Newsreaders, an absurdist take on 60 Minutes-esque magazine shows that premiered last year, is getting a new host for its second season. Season 1 host Mather Zickel has been cast in the Will Ferrell/Adam McKay-produced NBC sitcom Bad Judge, starring Kate Walsh, so Alan Tudyk will be the host for Season 2, which is expected to debut later this year. Like Zickel, Tudyk is an actor who's skilled with both comedic and dramatic acting and has that same ability to play newsmen and TV hosts well.

Created by Childrens Hospital trio Rob Corddry, David Wain, and Jonathan Stern, Newsreaders was renewed for a [...]

Adult Swim Renews Dan Harmon's 'Rick and Morty' for Season 2

Community creator Dan Harmon's new series, the animated Adult Swim sci-fi comedy Rick and Morty, has been renewed for a second season. Adult Swim has yet to confirm the renewal, but one of the writers who was added for Season 2, Matt Roller (Community), posted a picture of the show's Season 2 writing staff on Twitter earlier this week that has since been removed. There's no word on how many episodes the new season will be.

Co-created by Harmon and Justin Roiland and loosely based on Roiland's failed Channel 101 pilot and subsequent web series The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti, it's a Back to the Future-esque story about [...]

Ranking the Internet Friendliness of 7 Comedy Networks

HBO made a bold promotional move this week by putting the first two episodes of Girls' new season up on YouTube for free, allowing even the plebeian non-subscribers an opportunity to take part in a premium TV premiere and contribute to the buzz of the show's return. It's a win-win situation; HBO gets more coverage, and those of us without premium channels — or even a television — get to watch the season premiere without paying a dollar. Like HBO, most networks with hit comedy shows understand the viability of making their content easily available on the internet, but how do some of the most [...]

Adult Swim Put 'Eagleheart's Entire Third Season Online for Free

Adult Swim's excellent comedy show Eagleheart is set to air its season finale this Thursday, and the network uploaded the first nine episodes of the season to YouTube yesterday so fans can catch up. Written by Michael Koman, Andrew Weinberg, and Jason Woliner and starring Chris Elliott, Eagleheart is trying something pretty ambitious for its third season: telling one long continuous story under the title Eagleheart: Paradise Rising. You don't really need to have seen previous seasons in order to jump in with season three as the whole thing is self-contained.

The first nine episodes of the season are available via Adult Swim's YouTube page, and you can check [...]

You Can Watch the Pilot for Dan Harmon's New Adult Swim Show Online Now

Here's the first episode of Community creator Dan Harmon's new show, Rick and Morty, which Adult Swim uploaded online this week ahead of its December 2nd premiere. Co-created by Harmon and Channel 101 regular Justin Roiland, Rick and Morty is a Back to the Future-esque animated sci-fi comedy featuring the voices of Chris Parnell, Sarah Chalke, Spencer Grammer, and Roiland as both lead characters.

Adult Swim to Add Another Hour to Its Programming March 31st

In a piece out today, The New York Times reports that Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block is expanding by an hour and will run from 8:00PM – 6:00AM starting on March 31st. According to a rep at Turner Broadcasting (the company that owns Cartoon Network), Adult Swim killed it in 2013 with a "record-setting ratings year" as the top-rated cable network in total day ratings among viewers between the ages of 18-34 and 18-49. In the late night time slot, Adult Swim has beat out Letterman, Kimmel, Fallon, and even Stewart and Colbert with viewers in the 18-49 category over the last 12 months (not counting Leno's [...]

'Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule' Comes Back for Your Health February 27th

Great news for Brule fans: Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! spin-off Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule starring John C. Reilly is set to return to Adult Swim for a third season. The first episode will premiere on February 27th at 12:30AM, and you can catch a sneak peek of the new season over at EW. Click through to watch some of the best Brule segments from both Tim and Eric and Check It Out!

Paul Rudd to Star in Adam Scott's Fourth and Final 'Greatest Event in Television History'

Adam Scott's fourth Greatest Event in Television History special is set to air on Adult Swim next Thursday, January 23rd, and Entertainment Weekly has revealed that Paul Rudd will be co-starring with Scott in the new installment. The specials, which have been shot-for-shot remakes of cheesy opening credits sequences to '80s shows preceded by a faux-documentary about said show, have featured past guests like Jon Hamm, Amy Poehler, and Catherine O'Hara. As usual, Scott is keeping it a secret what show's opening credits this next special will be recreating, but he released this photo of himself with Paul Rudd, grinning with white T-shirts, as a clue. Rudd previously appeared [...]

Here's an Infomercial for a Fake College Written by Ex-'Onion' Writers that Adult Swim Has Been Airing at 4AM

Adult Swim has been quietly airing this fake infomercial for "For-Profit Online University" all this week at 4am. FPOU is a one-off special from a conglomerate of former Onion writers called Wild Aggressive Dog, which is made up of Geoff Haggerty, Dan Klein, Matthew Klinman, Michael Pielocik, Chris Sartinsky, and Sam West. FPOU was written and directed by West, with some writing assistance from the other Wild Aggressive Dog writers, and it stars Nicole Byer, Nick Corirossi, and Brian Huskey, among others. The network has been airing faux-infomercial's late at night, like Michael Ian Black's series You're Whole or Rob Huebel's one-off Dragon Shumway knife infomercial, but FPOU is the [...]

Watch Tim & Eric's Failed Neil Hamburger Game Show Pilot

Adult Swim recently released this rejected pilot for a potential show online. Called The New Big Ball, it was a 2010 pilot for a game show hosted by Neil Hamburger that was directed and produced by Tim Heidecker & Eric Wareheim. Tim & Eric also wrote the show alongside Neil Hamburger. We recently included The New Big Ball on a list of TV pilots we most want to see put online, and then Adult Swim uploaded it a week later.

Season 1 and 2 of 'The Eric Andre Show' Are Online for Your Viewing Pleasure

If you haven't gotten into The Eric Andre Show yet, you need to put aside whatever you're doing and binge watch the first two seasons of this insane and incredible anti-talk show co-starring Hannibal Buress. If you've already gotten into The Eric Andre Show, Adult Swim has made it easy for you to watch every episode another ten times, because nothing's better on a slow Friday afternoon than a "Hannibal's Hands" segment. [via The Comedy Bureau]

Watch Adam Scott's Final 'Greatest Event in Television History'

Last night, Adult Swim aired the fourth and final installment of Adam Scott's The Greatest Event in Television History, and this time the shot-for-shot opening sequence remake was based off the 80s sitcom Bosom Buddies. Among the guest stars to appear this time are Paul Rudd, Gillian Jacobs, Aidy Bryant, Mo Collins, June Diane Raphael, Billy Joel, and original Bosom Buddies star Tom Hanks. According to a rep at Adult Swim, while this was announced as the last Greatest Event, "You never know! There aren't any more planned for production in the near future, but the door is open for them to come back." Click through to watch the [...]

Adult Swim Renews 'China, IL' for Season 3

Adult Swim announced today that they've renewed the animated comedy China, IL for a third season. There's no word yet on when Season 3 is expected to premiere or how many episodes long it'll be, but production is set to begin later this year.

Created by Brad Neely, China, IL follows a bunch of unruly teachers at America's worst college. Season 2 saw the show expanding from 15 to 30 minutes and its ratings improving. Hannibal Buress joined China, IL's voice cast, which also includes Neely, Greta Gerwig, Hulk Hogan, Jeffrey Tambor, and Chelsea Peretti, for the second season.

Talking to Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland About Their New Adult Swim Show, 'Rick and Morty'

During Dan Harmon's Community exodus last year, he went and created another TV show, this one for Adult Swim. Called Rick and Morty, the new animated series was co-created by Harmon and Justin Roiland, and it premieres tonight at 10:30.

Based on a rejected pilot Roiland made for Harmon's monthly video competition Channel 101 in 2006 called "The Real Adventures of Doc and Mharti," Rick and Morty is a Back to the Future-inspired sci-fi comedy about a sociopathic scientist and his grandson going on wild adventures. I recently had the chance to talk to Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland about how the new show came to be, how they [...]