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The Lonely Island Announces "Wack Wednesdays"

The Lonely Island put out this video to announce a new weekly holiday, Wack Wednesdays. Leading up to the June 11th release of their new album The Wack Album, they'll be dropping a new video or song on their YouTube page every Wednesday. That's five entire Wednesdays of new content, guys.

A Video Guide to The Lonely Island’s Pre-'SNL' Years

To someone who wasn’t paying attention to web comedy in the early 2000s (and before YouTube and Funny or Die, who could blame you?), it may seem like The Lonely Island, the comedy conglomerate made up of Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone, came out of nowhere when they were snatched up by Saturday Night Live in 2005. Despite the trio’s seemingly-fast rise to fame, they were far from an overnight success.

Samberg, Schaffer, and Taccone all met while attending junior high together in Berkeley, California in the late 80s. Samberg was a year younger than Schaffer and Taccone, but the three soon became a part of [...]

The Toughest Minivan Drive-By You'll Ever See

The first teaser trailer for Neighborhood Watch (the alien comedy directed by Akiva Schaffer and starring Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Academy Award nominee Jonah Hill, and Richard Ayoade) is here, and it is not pleased that you've been TP-ing local houses. It might have to take you downtown and have some confusing words with you in a room with a single lightbulb. Or worse still, look at you sternly.

Jonah Hill Gets His Peep On In Akiva Schaffer's Neighborhood Watch

Deadline reports Jonah Hill joins Neighborhood Watch opposite Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn. Directed by Akiva Schaffer, and co-written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, Watch follows a band of slacker dads as their half-hearted snooping accidentally reveals "a vast neighborhood watch conspiracy." I foresee maximum, flashlight-illuminated bumbling in these characters' futures. Maximum bumbling, engage!

The Lonely Island Has Big Stuff That Works Super-Good

Despite the plethora of songs like "Jizz In My Pants," "I Had Sex" and "We're Back!" that suggest otherwise, the Lonely Island A.V. Club interview maintains the party line that its three members are great at sex, they do it all the time and their stuff is big and works super-good. Also working super-good is their relationship with Lorne Michaels, who they haven't had to pitch to in four years. "We pitched to him a few times, and he’s like, 'Uh, okay…' and when it turned out that people liked them, he’s like, 'You know what? Just don’t tell me, ’cause I’d rather just see it in [...]

The Lonely Island Is Releasing 'The Wack Album' June 11th

The Lonely Island announced this weekend that their third album, which is called The Wack Album, will be released on June 11th. The musical comedy trio – made up of Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer – released this collective statement in a press release: "We’re decidedly pumped to share another collection of our fake raps with the world. We’ve heard the whole thing and there’s no denying, it exists." Their first album since 2011's Turtleneck & Chain, The Wack Album's title track is "YOLO," which they debuted as an SNL digital short featuring Kendrick Lamar and Adam Levine in January. The Dudes are doing their first-ever live show in conjunction with [...]

'SNL' Might Still Have Digital Shorts

"I didn’t really work there even this season, because I was working on [The Watch] the whole time. So I haven’t really been there for a year. But me and Andy are hopefully making a new [Lonely Island] album and will get to make music videos for that. If we do, I’ll certainly be offering them for SNL, if they want to air them." - Akiva Schaffer on how Andy Samberg's departure doesn't necessarily mean the end of digital shorts. Rejoice!

So, Neighborhood Watch Is Gonna Have Aliens, I Guess

The newest addition to Akiva Schaffer's comedy with Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill is…the eyes-on-his-hands dude from Pan's Labyrinth! Doug Jones will most likely gonna continue his streak of playing non-mortal-Earthlings in the comedy "about a group of dads who join the watch to escape the pressures of their families, only to stumble upon an intergalactic plot to destroy the world."

Was I the only one who forgot that this movie was going to be about aliens until they, you know, cast an alien? I was expecting small-town hijinks, maybe a struggle to confront a bully from the past. I guess it's possible that I'm [...]

Vince Vaughn Joins the Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood watch: it's not just an excuse to peer into other people's bathroom windows anymore. The upcoming Neighborhood Watch reunites Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller under the rumored direction of The Lonely Island's Akiva Schaffer, though IMDB currently has Get Smart director Peter Segal attached and who am I to scoff at their authority? Stiller and Vaughn star as members of a group of slacker dads who join a neighborhood watch program, only to stumble upon a vast evil plot to destroy the planet. Makes that incessantly barking dog look like not big dea…no, fuck it, I'm calling the cops anyway.

The Lonely Island's Akiva Schaffer Directs Wilmer Valderrama's Strange New Music Video

Here's Wilmer Valderrama's — sorry, Eduardo Fresco's — new music video for a song called “The Way I Fiesta,” directed by The Lonely Island's Akiva Schaffer. I am not quite sure I understand what this is for, if anything, but apparently Valderrama's alter-ego "started in a boy band named Chicos en Fuego, a group whom rejected Enrique Iglesias," and this is his big comeback video. OK! In any case, this is what The Lonely Island would make if it were a Ricky Martin joke cover band instead of three dorky white dudes from Berkeley.

UPDATE: Seems like it's got something to do with this.

Watch The Lonely Island Return to 'SNL' with "YOLO"

If you missed SNL this weekend or aren't one of the 3 million+ people who already caught it on YouTube, here's The Lonely Island's digital short "YOLO" from Saturday, featuring Adam Levine, Kendrick Lamar, and the silent acting talents of Danny McBride. Please help spread the word about this video so that more people see it.

What Is This Hodgepodge Group of 'SNL' Actors Doing in 'Grown Ups 2'?

To be clear that is Andy Samberg, Will Forte, Paul Brittain, Bobby Moynihan, Akiva Schaffer, and I believe Taran Killam on the set of Grown Ups 2. What!? Did Adam Sandler just ask the casting director for "anyone involved in SNL over the last few years?" Did the first Grown Ups test really poorly in the coveted "People Who Know Who Paul Brittain and Akiva Schaffer Are" demo? As the pictures below suggest, the gang plays high school(?) cheerleaders on a mission to wash cars and show off their giant penises. Oh and Kevin James is there so he can relive his days as a high school(?) cheerleader, [...]

Up All Night's Music Video Features Maya Rudolph, Jorma Taccone and Jorma's Ponytail

Here's a music video relating to tonight's episode of Up All Night (available to stream online now!) that features Maya Rudolph's character Ava in an early-career music video with her then-boyfriend, played by The Lonely Island's Jorma Taccone. It's very sexy, if you consider man ponytails and pink cheetah print tops sexy.

Akiva Schaffer, Ben Stiller Snoop Around Neighborhood Watch

As always, the desire for a little bro-lone time is the only thing standing between us and certain destruction. The Lonely Island's Akiva Schaffer has been offered the directorial gig for Neighborhood Watch, with Ben Stiller possibly, maybe, potentially signing on to star. The script, its current version written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, follows "a suburban 'neighborhood watch' group that serves as a front for dads to get some male-bonding time away from their families. The group finds itself in over its head when it uncovers a plot to destroy the world." If those men could tolerate their families even just a little bit more…well, [...]