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A Sequel to the 'Alan Partridge' Movie Is on the Way

Steve Coogan is probably going to end up playing Alan Partridge forever. He's preparing to make a sequel to Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, the movie that starred his beloved character and was released last year in the UK and today in the US, The Guardian reports. The Guardian was told the news by Henry Normal, Steve Coogan's producing partner at his company Baby Cow. The Alan Partridge movie spent nearly a decade in development before finally being filmed and released last year, to critical and commercial success in the UK. Coogan originated the bumbling broadcaster character in 1991 for the radio show On the Hour, creating Partridge with [...]

Steve Coogan Is Writing a Memoir

British comedian Steve Coogan has signed a new book deal. Best known for his character Alan Partridge along with countless film and TV roles, Coogan has agreed to write an untitled memoir for publisher Cornerstone. The book is expected to come out September 2014 in hardback and in paperback the following year. Coogan said in a statement:

I'm delighted to be writing my memoir. It promises to be a sojourn through the faltering first steps of a lower middle-class boy who watched television to the dizzy heights of a man who achieved not only a multi-Bafta-winning status on television but also became fully middle-class and managed to annoy the [...]

The Alan Partridge Movie Finally Starts Filming

Filming is finally underway for the long-awaited movie based on Steve Coogan's beloved character Alan Partridge. Chortle reports that production on the UK film, which has a working title of Alan Partridge: The Movie, has just begun and that some roads in England are being closed to shoot a big car chase scene. Writer Armando Iannucci told the press last year that the movie will follow Partridge's battle with a media conglomerate after they take over the digital radio station he works at and rebrand it "Shape." Set to reprise their roles are Felicity Montagu as Partridge's mousey personal assistant Lynn Benfield, Simon Greenall as heavily-accented handyman Michael, [...]

The Alan Partridge Movie Is Coming Next August, at Least in the UK

Info about the upcoming Alan Partridge movie is starting to emerge, and although it's a long way off, it's exciting that it's happening at all. It's set to start shooting in January with a release date of August 7, 2013. In the UK. It's not clear when it'll premiere in the States, but hopefully not long after that. It's been written by Peter Baynham, Steve Coogan, Armando Iannucci, Neil and Rob Gibbons and will be directed Declan Lowney. Here's how Coogan described the plot: Alan is in Norwich. It's not “Alan goes to Hollywood”; it's not “Alan invaded by aliens” or anything like that. He's on North [...]

Steve Coogan's Alan Partridge May Be Returning to TV

Steve Coogan's production company is recutting a series of web shorts featuring character Alan Partridge into a real-deal TV show.

The shorts, which were originally made for Fosters Beer, are 11 minutes long, making it relatively easy for them to stick two of them together to reach broadcast length. The 12-part series starts airing online on November 5th, with each episode "shot as if it’s been filmed through a webcam in Partridge’s Radio Norwich studio." So they'll presumably be able to turn the show into a standard 6-episode British series. Just how much it all has to do with Fosters is unclear.

The Long, Brilliant Career of Steve Coogan, the Funniest British Comedian Most Americans Don't Know

Although he's been a wildly popular comedian in the UK for over 20 years now, Steve Coogan has yet to become a household name in the States. Nevertheless, 2014 is may just be the year he finally breaks through here. With a bevy of high-profile projects set to make their US debuts, Coogan may finally become someone who has American fans who aren't just comedy nerds. Coogan recently earned his first two Oscar nominations for producing and co-writing the drama Philomena, which he stars in with Judi Dench, and he's starring in the comedies Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa and The Trip to Italy, which are both set for a US [...]

Watch the Trailer for 'Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa'

Here's the trailer for Steve Coogan's upcoming movie, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, which finds his beloved character in a radio station under siege. It's taken nearly a decade to get the Alan Partridge movie made, but going off this trailer, it looks like it's going to be worth the wait.

Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: Dive Deep Into British Brilliance with 'The Steve Coogan Collection'

Steve Coogan is one of the funniest people on the face of the planet. Better known in his native UK than here in the States, he's nonetheless made a mark in American movies in The Trip, Tropic Thunder and Hamlet 2. But he's really at his best in his British TV shows: Knowing Me, Knowing You, I'm Alan Partridge, Saxondale and others. If you want the ultimate intro to Coogan, or are already a fan and want to own the bulk of his work, The Steve Coogan Collection is absolutely incredible. It's basically all of the British TV shows that made him a star over there, including the [...]

Finally! An Alan Partridge Film to Shoot Later This Year

After decades, and a variety of mediums, Steve Coogan's Alan Partridge is finally going to be brought to the big screen. Armando Iannucci, who has been Coogan's writing partner on most things Partridge and most recently created HBO's Veep, told Empire magazine, "It's just about all come together now, so that'll be shot later in the year." Exclamation points!!!! There has been talk of a Partridge film basically since the character was created in the early 90s; however, nothing came to pass, even after multiple TV series, a web series, a book, a tour, and general legend. Will this be Coogan's breakout role in the States, which will [...]

The Alan Partridge Movie Is Getting a US Release in 2014

Steve Coogan's Alan Partridge movie is coming to the US. Deadline reports that Magnolia Pictures has acquired the rights to the film, entitled Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, and they're aiming for an early 2014 US theatrical release following a premiere at the 2013 New York Film Festival. The film follows Coogan's beloved character Alan Partridge, who he's played since the early '90s across UK radio, TV, and web series, at the center of a hostage situation at his radio station. Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa was released in the UK earlier this month, opening at #1 and receiving mostly positive reviews.

Check out the trailer below:

Watch the Teaser Trailer for the 'Alan Partridge' Movie

Here's the brand new teaser trailer for The Alan Partridge Movie, which has (what I'm assuming is) a joke title, Alpha Papa. Centered on Steve Coogan's beloved TV character, the movie follows Alan Partridge's battle with a media conglomerate after they take over the digital radio station he works at and rebrand it "Shape." There are no plans for a US release yet, but the movie hits UK theaters – or as they call them, "cinemas" – on August 17th.

Hit the jump for some official images from the movie:

More Alan Partridge! There Will Also Be Another Season of 'Mid Morning Matters'

In the immortal words of Alan Partridge: "Alright, I'll rephrase the question. Can I… no, actually, I'll just repeat the question: have I got a second series?" Yes Alan, you do. Two months back, we told you that an Alan Partridge movie was in the works for 2013 and we all rejoiced. Well, before that, Alan Partridge will do his thing again in another season of Mid Morning Matters. The show, which debuted in 2010 on the beer company Foster's comedy website, has just finished its first season on Sky Atlantic. The Sky Atlantic has ordered another season (or "series") of the show. It's shooting already, so [...]

Alan Partridge, Man of the Moment Once More

“I could get tables at a moments notice. I was stopped on the street by people telling me how ‘unbelievable’ my show was. I was hot and it felt goooooooood. And then, live on the air in the sixth and final episode of my chat show, I shot a man through the heart with a gun.” — From Chapter 13, “Lift Off, Show-Wise”, of I, Partridge

Upon finishing I, Partridge on January 3rd I made the somewhat rash declaration that it would be the best book that I will read in 2012. I suspect that devoted Steve Coogan/Alan Partridge fans that get their hands on this endlessly quotable [...]