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Monty Python to Release Five New Songs this Summer

To coincide with their 10 Monty Python Live (Mostly) London comeback shows this summer, the legendary comedy group has also announced that they'll be re-releasing their 1989 album Monty Python Sings, only the new version will include five new never-before-heard tracks. "Just been sequencing the re-release of Monty Python Sings (again) plus five new tracks," Eric Idle tweeted out to his followers yesterday. "There'll be a new song on U Tube & new single May." The original Monty Python Sings album had 25 songs, including famous Python tunes like "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life," "Lumberjack Song," and "Sit on My [...]

'Bob's Burgers' Is Releasing a Music Album

Fox's Bob's Burgers has frequently featured top-notch original music since its early days, and it's finally all being collected for an album. Creator Loren Bouchard says that a deal to release a Bob's Burgers album has been finalized, and that it'll be coming out this fall on iTunes. There aren't any more details on the album beyond that, but hopefully, it'll include such instant classics as "Electric Love" and "Will You Be Mine (Coal Mine)." Bob's Burgers makes its midseason premiere this Sunday at a new time, 7pm.

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Eugene Mirman, Ira Glass, and Yo La Tengo Star in a Music Video for a Cool New Comedy/Music Album

Here's "Toymageddon," the first video from the upcoming comedy and music album, 2776. The album, from The Daily Show's Rob Kutner and the Levinson brothers, tells the story of America's past, present, and future with all proceeds going to the childrens charity OneKid OneWorld. The 2776 album is set for release on the 4th of July next year, and it features appearances from a whole slew of amazing people, including Will Forte, Ed Helms, Paul F. Tompkins, Maria Bamford, Patrick Stewart, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Andrew W.K., Martha Plimpton, The Sklar Brothers, Simon Helberg, Jonathan Katz, and more.

Heidecker & Wood Announce Their Second Album, Out Nov. 12

Tim Heidecker's soft rock band is putting out another album. Little Record Company announced today that they're releasing the sophomore album from Heidecker & Wood, the music duo made up of the comedian and his Tim & Eric composer Davin Wood. Called Some Things Never Stay the Same, it's set for a November 12th release and features Heidecker & Wood parodying pretentious sophomore albums this time around. Here's a bit from the press release:

Let's lay it all out on the table: this is the self-indulgent sophomore album. The horns, the female back-up singers, the songs about life on the road and redemption for indiscretions that remain vague to [...]

'Andy and His Grandmother': Andy Kaufman Is Still Trying to Mess With You From the Grave

Andy Kaufman is definitely dead. He definitely died at the too-young age of 35 years old of lung cancer in 1984. But because he was a comedian who for the last few years of his life loved to prank people, even smart folks believe that he is still alive. It is the power of Kaufman (and the leg work of Bob Zmuda continually dressing up as Kaufman character Tony Clifton) to keep the ruse going almost thirty years later, but it keeps the spotlight on the practical joke aspect of Andy Kaufman's professional career, and continues to overshadow the other types of comedy he had done. The man did [...]

Talking to Hari Kondabolu About His New Album and the Impact of 'Totally Biased'

Hari Kondabolu was not really supposed to become a professional standup. The otherworldly circumstances that brought him from a career as an immigrant rights organizer to the present-day release of his first album, Waiting for 2042 (named for the alleged year in which white Americans will be in the statistical minority), could have easily taken him on another professional trajectory.

This path is probably part of why he is extremely humble. Despite an extremely productive career that included regional fame in the Seattle comedy world, a writing and presenting slot on FX’s now-defunct Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, a well-regarded podcast and live show with his brother [...]

The Grawlix Releases a Free Standup Album Featuring T.J. Miller, the Sklar Brothers, and More

The Grawlix, a Denver-based trio of comedians who run the popular local standup show of the same name, just released a compilation album of the best stuff from their show in 2013. The album is free and features standup from two dozen comedians, including T.J. Miller, the Sklar Brothers, Beth Stelling, Baron Vaughn, Jonah Ray, Brent Weinbach, and of course, Grawlix members Adam Cayton-Holland, Andrew Orvedahl, and Ben Roy. If you haven't checked out The Grawlix's show in Denver due to not living in Denver, this album is the next best thing.

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'Patrice O'Neal: Unreleased' Is Available Now

A new posthumous album from late, great standup Patrice O'Neal came out this week. Aptly titled, Unreleased, it's a full-length album compiled from unheard bits O'Neal performed at the DC Improv. If you want to pick up Unreleased, head on over to the official website or wait until October 1st for the release of the hard copy version of the album, which contains an exclusive track.

Another Posthumous Patrice O'Neal Album Is Coming Out October 1st

We're getting another album of new material from the late, great Patrice O'Neal. A full-length album called Unreleased will be available in stores and via download on October 1st, but you can pre-order it now. O'Neal passed away in the fall of 2011 from complications of a stroke, but his comedy lives on. Unreleased is the third posthumous release from the standup, following the 2012 album Mr. P and Better Than You, a 20-minute EP of outtakes from that album.

Check out an audio preview and a track listing from Unreleased below:

Talking to Brian Posehn About His New Album, 'Mr. Show,' and Who Should Direct the New 'Star Wars' Movies

Throughout an insanely prolific career, Brian Posehn has been far more active than one would expect a headbanging stoner with a comic book obsession to be. The Comedian of Comedy has lent his distinctive monotone and alternative sensibilities to all manner of cult classics in the last twenty years, from the brilliantly bizarre sketches of Mr. Show and Human Giant to supporting roles on skewed sitcoms The Sarah Silverman Program and Mission Hill to Adult Swim mainstays Tom Goes to the Mayor and Metalocalypse.

His latest comedy special, the hilariously and profoundly titled The Fartist, was released on DVD and CD last month and finds an introspective Posehn discussing his decision to quit smoking weed, his newfound fatherhood and, of [...]

Talking to Joe Mande About His Standup Mixtape, Writing for 'Parks and Rec', and Buying a Million Twitter Followers

Joe Mande always seems one step ahead.

Whether it’s his Twitter stunts, multimedia shows, or stories about attending a live taping of The Mike Huckabee Show really high, the LA-based comedian and writer has a knack for getting out in front of trends.

It makes sense then that Mande’s latest project is a comedy mixtape he’s releasing in place of a traditional album, complete with DJ drops, comedy sketches, and cameos from Amy Poehler, A$AP Yams, Nick Kroll, Jenny Slate, Jon Daly, Roy Hibbert, and more. The mixtape, which drops today, is called Bitchface and it's being released on former Das Racist frontman Heem’s record [...]

Rory Scovel's New Album Comes Out December 17th

The very funny Rory Scovel is set to release his second standup album next week. Called Rory Scovel Live at Third Man Records, it's a vinyl recording that's available for pre-order now. The standup set is being released by Jack White's label, Third Man Records, and it was recorded at the Third Man's performance space this spring. He's the third comedian (following Neil Hamburger and Reggie Watts) to record an album at Third Man and have it released on vinyl. Scovel's first album, Dilation, came out in 2011.

Dave Chappelle Is on the Cover of Prince's New Album

Prince is releasing a new single called "Breakfast Can Wait," and here's the cover art for it, featuring Dave Chappelle dressed as Prince and holding a plate of pancakes. Chappelle memorably played Prince on Chappelle's Show during a "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories" sketch in 2004, and it's pretty cool that Prince is in on the joke, albeit a decade late.

Check out Prince's new single and the full cover art below:

Ricky Gervais Might Make a David Brent Album

After filming a series of popular YouTube videos reprising his character David Brent from The Office under the name "Learn Guitar with David Brent," Ricky Gervais has been receiving offers to release a music album. Gervais, who was a part of the failed new wave pop duo Seona Dancing in the early '80s, said, "I can't believe I'm getting ridiculous offers from major record companies all over the world for a David Brent album. Where were these people when I was trying to be a real popstar?" He added, "It's been so much fun bringing back David Brent and have him philosophise on YouTube and spend all his hard-earned [...]