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Fox Orders Seth MacFarlane's New Live Action Show 'Dads' Straight to Series

While the big networks are cautiously buying pilot episodes of all the new series they're interested in for fall 2013, Fox has jumped the gun and ordered Seth MacFarlane's new show, Dads, straight to series, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Fox greenlit a six-episode first season of Dads, which was co-created by MacFarlane and his Ted co-writers Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild, yesterday. Dads is a multi-camera sitcom about two guys whose lives are turned upside-down when their fuck-up dads come to live with them. So, it's basically Adam Sandler's That's My Boy times two. Dads is the second TV show to be ordered straight to series [...]

America Demands a Fourth Seth MacFarlane Series

Let’s face it: there’s a lot of Seth MacFarlane comedy around these days. He’s got three shows on Fox and he wrote/directed/voiced a talking stuff animal in Ted, the year’s highest-grossing comedy film, but the American public’s insatiable appetite for sex jokes and pop culture references is still exceeding MacFarlane’s output. The Family Guy creator just signed a deal to produce a new live-action program at Fox, which would be his fourth show at the network. The yet-to-be-titled series, created by MacFarlane’s Ted co-writers Alec Sulkin and Wellesly Wild, will be a single camera live-action show about two successful 30something guys whose worlds are turned upside-down when their [...]

Short and Funny, Part 1: Conversations with Twitter's Top Comedy Writers

It wasn’t that long ago, you’ll recall, that Twitter was derided as an exercise in vanity for famous people to feed their comically-obsessed fans a glimpse of the celebrity lifestyle, no matter how mundane the details. (“No way. Kelly Ripa likes pear slices in her salad? So do I!”)

But in the last two years or so, the comedy industry’s opinion of Twitter did a complete 180. There’s been a wave of comedians, writers, performers and producers joining the early adopters and utilizing Twitter as a platform to tell 140-character jokes and reach new fans.

It’s easy to see why. Twitter is in a way a virtual writer’s [...]