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You're My Maid of Honor Because You're My Best Friend (Who Can Do a Tight, Clean Six-Minute Set), by Alex Schmidt

Rach? Need you for a sec. Abbs can finish up the rehearsal dinner caterer stuff herself.

Okay, I know I need some sleep before the big day, but I know I also need to tell you how much this means to me.

I have never had a friend like you. Ever. Somebody who's so fun, and so funny, and so on point when stuff happens and it's like, "Who's gonna say something first about this because whoa." I was raving about that when I was going over the place cards last week with Abbs, and she totally agrees: You're the best.

Rach? There is no one I would rather [...]

It's Like, What Do I Do With This Kid? by Alex Schmidt

Hello! Earth to Kylie! This is your uncle speaking. He knows he's not Justin Bieber or the "Gangnam Style" guy, but he'd like to think he's at least a little "rad."

Your mom left you with me for the day, and this isn't "Uncool-Adult Jail." We can do whatever we want! Come on, you wanna have something to eat? Or something to drink? Or kick around these doll heads?

If it'll get you to make a peep you can go to town on these doll heads.

Hey I get it, okay? When I was 13, all I wanted to do was chase babes, and feather my hair, and listen [...]