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The Complete Guide to Everything: Christmas Shopping

This week, while other podcasts are taking the week off, we are giving invaluable advice regarding last minute Christmas shopping. Tom in particular has a lot of advice to give, as he has not bought any presents for anybody as of 3 days before Christmas. As he explains, he's been too busy getting riled up by the local news. Tim, on the other hand, has all his shopping done, with enough time left over to come up with ideas about how to get beat up by Best Buy security guards and score a huge cash settlement.

In a new installment of Tim & Tom Solve Your Problems, we [...]

They're Making an 'ALF' Movie Because…?

What did you expect, Hollywood not to make an ALF movie? Sony has acquired the rights and is developing it to be a part CG-part live action feature. The man who spearheaded the piece of smurf Smurf movie, which made over $500 million worldwide (which is a terrifying fact), will oversee the whole thing with the show's original creator, making sure a real classic is made. No writer or director is attached yet. They're probably going to need all the gold on Melmac to convince someone to jump on this "hot" property.

Watch Chris Gethard's Audition Tape for the 'Alf' Movie

Ever since an Alf move was announced last year, comedian Chris Gethard has been campaigning for a part in the film. Here's a new audition tape for the movie Gethard made for IFC that should melt the hearts of the studio executives in charge of the Alf movie.

Watch Chris Gethard and Bobby Moynihan Write the 'Alf' Movie

Here's comedian Chris Gethard's latest video as part of IFC's Adopt-A-Comic series, in which he and old friend Bobby Moynihan (SNL) work towards Gethard's goal of appearing in the upcoming Alf reboot movie. Gethard and Moynihan save the studio making the Alf movie a lot of time and money by basically writing the whole thing for them out loud, and they definitely deserve a cut of the massive profits if and when this Alf movie gets made – whether they're involved or not – because it's going to be hard to separate this Alf project from the pure artistic vision of the character they lay out in this video.