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What Fans of Abruptly Canceled Shows Talk About

I “Like” a lot of shows on Facebook. Why? I could say it’s because I like having my Feed updated with news reports and interesting links about who’s going to be on this week’s Simpsons episode or about a wood carving of Ron Swanson that I can’t believe hasn’t actually made its way onto Parks and Recreation's official Page yet. But to be honest, the likelier reason is because I’m a narcissist who feels the need to broadcast his Likes onto society — “Hey, look at me world, I love Party Down. I’m cool!”

In other words, I’m a Facebook user. But a “Like” shouldn’t be taken too lightly; [...]

Jonah Hill's Allen Gregory: Kinda Funny, Kinda Mean

Last night's pilot episode of Allen Gregory, FOX's new animated comedy about a precocious seven-year-old, begins with the announcement that Allen Gregory (Jonah Hill) is being forced by one of his dads to return to elementary school so that his other dad can get a job. In addition to his dads, we also meet AG's adopted Cambodian sister Julie and her dorky friends, who let a boy regularly knock the books and lunch trays out of their hands because that makes him their "best guy friend" (ding ding ding favorite joke of the pilot).

We watch as Allen Gregory is embarrassed at the hands of the impressive Joel Zadak, [...]

Fox Orders Up More Scripts of Allen Gregory and Napoleon Dynamite

Apparently, Fox is confident in its new animated series. It just ordered six more scripts of Jonah Hill's Allen Gregory and seven more of Napoleon Dynamite. This isn't quite an order for more episodes, but it's close. While Allen Gregory looks pretty good, I still can't quite understand whose idea it was to turn Napoleon Dynamite into a cartoon series, let alone order a bunch more scripts for it. But hey, maybe it'll be the greatest thing ever! You never know, guys. You really never know.

Fox Announces Its Fall Primetime Lineup With Two New Sitcoms, Allen Gregory

Fox announced their primetime schedule for the fall, and the new comedy winners are Allen Gregory, Zooey Deschanel's New Girl and Jaime Pressly's family sitcom I Hate My Teenage Daughter. New Girl will buddy up with Glee and Raising Hope Tuesday nights at 9:00pm; Teenage Daughter will follow fellow new-comer The X Factor Wednesday nights at 9:30pm. As reported, Allen Gregory replaces Bob's Burgers during the Fox Sunday night animation block, though Bob is slated to return mid-season. Meanwhile, your Tivo cries wee electronic tears over all the work you put it to.

Fox's Two New Animated Series Include Napoleon Dynamite and a Jonah Hill Project

Fox loves itself some animation! It just ordered two new animated series for next year, one based on Napoleon Dynamite and one from Jonah Hill.

Fox Gives Allen Gregory the Axe

Jonah Hill's Allen Gregory, which joined Fox's Sunday night animation lineup in October, has been cancelled by the network after a first season that delivered increasingly poor ratings over time. It's not a huge surprise due to those ratings, but has got to be disappointing for Hill. But on the upside, he is still rich and famous and much thinner than he used to be and probably has Brad Pitt's cell number in his phone.

What say you: did you watch Allen Gregory? Did it deserve the boot?

When Dealing with TV Executives, It Helps to Be a Movie Star

Meddling TV executives are a cliche of making a TV show, but a relatively true cliche. One way to get past the suits? Be super famous already and have them know that you could walk and it wouldn't really hurt your career. Says Jonah Hill about his upcoming animated series Allen Gregory: "Being in TV is insane. The notes you get sometimes, I just don’t understand them. Fox is really cool to me; they’ve been really cool in letting me make this the way I want to make it. It’s not something else; it didn’t get transformed into something else. I had the luxury of it not being my [...]

Fox Sets Premiere Dates for Allen Gregory and New Girl

Fox has released its Fall premiere schedule, with a couple of inclusions notable to our interestes. Zooey Deschanel will continue having dudes crush on her in New Girl, which will premiere on Tuesday, September 20th at 9pm. And then Allen Gregory, the new animated series from Jonah Hill, has to wait until Sunday, October 30th for its premiere at 8:30pm. Mark your calendar, if you're the sort of person that writes TV scheduling info in your calendar.

Bob's Burgers Bumped To Mid-Season For Allen Gregory

Variety reports that Fox's Allen Gregory, which follows the grade school adventures of a hyper-precocious seven-year-old boy, will join the network's Sunday night "Animation Domination" block this fall. This will probably translate into a mid-season start for Bob's Burgers. Most likely starting out in the 8:30pm slot, Allen Gregory will have its hand held while it's walked across the street by The Simpsons, in much the same way that The Cleveland Show got its start in 2009. Fox's animated Napoleon Dynamite series will then follow with a mid-season start.

Allen Gregory Is "Certain to Be Cancelled"

According to the ratings gurus over at TV by the Numbers, Jonah Hill's animated series Allen Gregory is "now certain to be cancelled." Fox hasn't made any formal announcements, but based on the dwindling ratings — 3.1 million people watched it this past Sunday — it seems as good as done. With Bob's Burgers set to come back at mid-season with a full set of 22 episodes, it seems reasonable enough to expect it to fill in for Gregory once it's officially shown the door. Apparently, there's concern that Gregory is doing so poorly that it's dragging down the entire 9pm block. Yikes. Clearly, only the Belchers [...]

Behind The Scenes At Allen Gregory

Jonah Hill's new animated Allen Gregory premieres Oct. 30 on Fox, but in the meantime TVLine as a charming little featurette about the show, covering topics like the mind-melting idea of following The Simpsons, as well as the cast's table read. "They're bonkers, and I like bonkers stuff." co-star Will Forte muses. I imagine Sandy Bullock would approve.

Fox's Allen Gregory is a Total Dick, So Cute in His Little Business Suit

Adorable children acting like total assholes are the peanut butter/chocolate of comedy, and the new Allen Gregory trailer has both in spades. Voiced by Jonah Hill and co-starring the likes of Will Forte,  Allen is one of the few new network shows I've personally seen that seems to "work" even in the promo. Though the idea of a seven-year-old falling in love with his seventy-year-old principal is…off-putting in the extreme.

Will Forte's Post SNL Career: Feeling Great, Feeling Good, How Are You?

You can never tell whether life post-SNL will shower you will fist-sized diamonds and stacks of cash, or will force you to star in the Chairman Of The Board remake (nowhere near as good as the original). Which is why we're happy to hear that Will Forte landed his first full-time TV gig since leaving SNL last summer. Forte will be a series regular on Allen Gregory, an animated show about the trevails of a 7-year-old in elementary school; Forte will voice characters alongside Jonah Hill and French Stewart, who we are also glad to hear is getting work.

On the film front, Forte will starring in the [...]