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Amazon Renews 'Alpha House' for Season 2, Creator Garry Trudeau to Put 'Doonesbury' on Hold

Streaming service Amazon Studios has renewed its John Goodman comedy series Alpha House for a second season, Washington Post reports. Alpha House, which stars Goodman as one of four Republican Senators, concluded its 11-episode first season last month. There's no word on how many episodes the second season will consists of or when it will debut. The fate of Amazon's other new comedy, Betas, has yet to be announced one way or the other.

Alpha House's creator, Garry Trudeau, will put his long-running daily comic strip Doonesbury on an extended hiatus to work on the new season of his Amazon show. He will continue to create [...]

Amazon's First Shows 'Alpha House' and 'Betas' to Premiere This Month; First 3 Episodes Free

Amazon announced today the premiere dates for its first two original comedies. The John Goodman-starring Alpha House, about a quartet of Washington D.C. senators living together, will debut November 15th. The Silicon Valley startup sitcom Betas, starring Jon Daly, will begin airing November 22nd.

Amazon will make the first three episodes of each show free on Amazon Instant Video on those dates, and roll out one new episode of each on the subscription service in subsequent weeks. The first season of each show is 11 episodes long. Amazon let viewers view and rate their entire slate of pilots they were developing into potential shows, with execs choosing to [...]

Watch Bill Murray's Cameo in the Amazon Pilot 'Alpha House'

Amazon unveiled eight comedy pilots on its streaming service this morning, and one of them, Alpha House, features a cameo from Bill Murray. Here's the cameo in its entirety, courtesy of Vulture. It features John Goodman as a Senator waking up Murray's Senator character. It may not top Bill Murray's Zombieland cameo, but it's still a pretty good Bill Murray cameo.

Bill Murray and Anthony Weiner to Guest Star in 'Alpha House's Finale

Bill Murray turned up for a surprising cameo in the premiere episode of Amazon's new John Goodman political comedy Alpha House, and The Wrap reports that he'll be back in the show's season finale, which is set to debut on Amazon this Friday. Murray will be reprising his role of jailed Senator Vernon Smits, which he played briefly in the show's pilot, in the new episode alongside guest stars like Tom Brokaw and disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner, who will be making his acting debut.

Amazon Officially Picks Up 'Beta House' and 'Alphas' and Not 'Onion News Empire' and 'Those Who Can't'

Last month, online retailer Amazon.com unveiled its first-ever slate of original TV shows, promising a bright future for streaming television in which viewers' opinions will actually matter and determine the fate of shows unlike how things work on broadcast TV, which is held back by inaccurate Nielsen ratings and illogical decisions by network execs. Today, however, Amazon announced which shows it's picking up, and it seems like Amazon will prove to be just us frustrating and dismissive of good work as the big networks. Although news got out last week, Amazon officially announced today they've picked up the John Goodman Washington comedy Alpha House and the [...]

You Can Watch Amazon's 8 New Comedy Pilots Online Right Now

Online retailer Amazon is making a big push to develop original TV content a la Netflix, and they've debuted a slate of eight original comedy pilots on their streaming service Amazon Instant Video today. Unlike regular TV networks, who film a bunch of pilots but don't let the public see them, Amazon is letting users see all of its pilots to decide which ones they will order to series based on viewer response. Here's a list of the eight pilots screening on Amazon today and summaries from the web site so that you know what your options are:

Alpha House Alpha House was written by Academy Award nominee [...]

'Alpha House' Is TV's Newest, Not Its Best, Political Comedy

The bar for political comedy on TV has been set pretty high by The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and Veep, so it has to be an intimidating subgenre for any new show to tackle. Amazon's new sitcom Alpha House, one of the first ever original programs from the company alongside Silicon Valley comedy Betas, launched earlier this month and joined those aforementioned Emmy-dominating, politician-skewering shows in taking on Washington, DC. Political comedies are expected to walk a fine line between subtlety and scoring big laughs. In its first few episodes, Alpha House has yet to find that balance, and it's unfair to expect it to be up [...]

Amazon Orders 'Alpha House' and 'Betas' to Series, Passes on 'Browsers'

Amazon debuted eight original comedy pilots on the online retailer's streaming service last month, and they're currently in the process of deciding which ones go to series. Deadline reports that Amazon has picked up the John Goodman senator comedy Alpha House and the Silicon Valley tech sitcom Betas, featuring Jon Daly, while passing on musical HuffPo intern series Browsers. Amazon passed on Zombieland last week. The online retailer has yet to make a decision on its four remaining comedy pilots – Onion News Empire, Those Who Can't, Supanatural, and Dark Minions. Those Who Can't and Onion News Empire our favorites, topped our list ranking all the potential [...]

John Goodman Will Star in Amazon's Comedy Pilot 'Alpha House'

Amazon is getting ready to launch a batch of original comedy shows, and John Goodman has been added the pilot for a new show called Alpha House, Deadline reports. Alpha House, created by Doonesbury and Tanner '88's Garry Trudeaufollows a group of four senators living in a rented house together in Washington DC, and it's just one of six Amazon comedy pilots in development right now. Goodman will play Gil John Biggs, a senator from North Carolina, who finds his seat in jeopardy when Duke's basketball coach runs against him. The show was inspired by a popular news story from a few years back about Democrats Chuck [...]