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Andy Daly Makes His Talk Show Guest Debut on 'Late Night'

Last week, Review star Andy Daly made his very first talk show guest appearance on Late Night. Before telling Meyers more details about the upcoming divorce-themed episode of Review, the two reminisced about going to the Survivor parties of MADtv's Nicole Sullivan, which sound like they were pretty cutthroat.

What's on TV this Week: Andy Daly's New Show 'Review' Premieres on Comedy Central

This week sees the premiere of Andy Daly’s new Comedy Central show Review, which stars him as a critic who reviews life experiences rather than TV, food, or movies. Created by and starring Daly, Review also features Jessica St. Clair, Fred Willard, and James Urbaniak.

Other exciting TV stuff this week includes Lena Dunham hosting SNL for the first time, Tina Fey and Stephen Colbert bookending the week on The Tonight Show, and the series premieres of George Lopez's FX show Saint George and the Denis Leary-produced USA paramedic comedy Sirens. Check out the week’s full listing of comedy shows below:

Here's the Promo for Andy Daly's New Series 'Review' Premiering March 6th

Check out this promo for Review, Andy Daly's new Comedy Central series premiering Thursday, March 6th, wherein Daly both experiences and reviews the many facets of life including racism, orgies, pancakes, road rage, and just about everything else. Jessica St. Clair, Fred Willard, and James Urbaniak have regular roles on the show, and announced guest stars include Lance Bass, Andy Richter, Jason Mantzoukas, and Maria Thayer.

Andy Daly's Comedy Central Show 'Review' Is Coming in 2014

Last year, Comedy Central ordered a show called Review with Forrest MacNeil, co-created by and starring the incredibly funny Andy Daly (Eastbound & Down, Comedy Bang Bang) as a TV host who reviews life experiences by going through them on air. Since the show was announced, we haven't heard anything about when it'll premiere until now. Daly recently tweeted, "For those who've tweet-asked when Comedy Central will premiere Review, the answer is 2014. When I know more, you will. Promise!" So, if you're looking forward to a full half-hour of Andy Daly on your TV screen, it's going to a bit of a wait.

(via The Comedy [...]

Watch the 200th Episode of 'Comedy Bang Bang' with Andy Daly and Jason Mantzoukas

Comedy Bang Bang experienced a podcasting milestone this week that few other shows have achieved: a 200th episode. Here's full video of the 200th show, released via Earwolf and the Video Podcast Network. Scott Aukerman's guests are Jason Mantzoukas and Andy Daly, who are probably the best guest duo in Comedy Bang Bang history. Here's to 200 more episodes!

Andy Daly's New Show 'Review' Is Sharp and Full of Promise

"Life. It’s literally all we have. But is it any good?"

Last night, this so very critical question was posed by Andy Daly’s earnest and committed life critic Forest MacNeil before taking on the life experiences of stealing, addiction, and the prom in the premiere episode of Review on Comedy Central. By MacNeil's patented five-star rating system, the experiences didn't fare well, but the pilot works as a highly successful demonstration of the show's central concept in action, and its blend of dark comedy and news magazine parody, sharp writing, and talented cast make it a very promising show with seemingly endless storytelling potential.

Based on the Australian [...]

Andy Daly Tries Racism and the 15-Pancake Challenge in This 'Review' Clip

Andy Daly's new Comedy Central show Review premieres March 6th at 10:00PM, so here are two peeks into some of the challenges his fictional reviewer Forrest MacNeil will be assuming over the course of the season. Above watch MacNeil try to eat an "upsetting number of pancakes," then click through to watch his attempt to become a full-blown racist. (Spoiler alert: He already is one.)

Andy Daly and 'Superego's Matt Gourley Are Hosting a New Podcast for Earwolf

Podcast network Earwolf announced a new show yesterday. Called The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project, the podcast will be hosted by Andy Daly with Superego's Matt Gourley, who's also a producer at Earwolf, serving as his co-host. Each episode, The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project will find Daly and Gourley presenting audiences with a different pilot for a show submitted to Earwolf, like one by Daly's Comedy Bang! Bang! character Dalton Wilcox that they mention as an example. The show doesn't launch until February, but there's a half-hour teaser episode with guest Scott Aukerman up now.

Watch a Trailer for GQ's Web Series 'How to Be a Man,' Featuring Andy Richter, Andy Daly, and Other People

Here's a trailer for How to Be a Man, a new web series GQ just launched in which Jason Nash takes advice on masculinity from comedy people like Andy Richter, Andy Daly, Michael Ian Black, Dave Koechner, Andrea Savage, and, as the ad says, "maybe Sarah Silverman." It's gonna be a pretty suspenseful wait to see whether Sarah Silverman turns up or not.

Andy Daly Talks the Art of the Character

"I’m a big fan of people who really commit to their characters and aren’t kind of winking out from behind them. I don’t think a new and different voice has to be a part of that, though. Just as long as you know the character and are really willing to invest in who that person is." - Andy Daly in an interview with Fast Company about his history of creating ridiculous and realistic characters.

Talking to Andy Daly About ‘Review’, ‘The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project’, and His Many Characters

Comedy Central’s Review, a new show for which TV reviewers must already have their puns locked and loaded, premieres tonight. Based on the Australian cult hit Review with Myles Barlow, it stars Andy Daly (who also created the show) as Forrest MacNeil, a straight-laced, intellectual “life critic” who wholeheartedly commits to reviewing firsthand experiences — including drug addiction, racism and sex with a celebrity — and weathers through the resulting chaos. Review also stars Jessica St. Clair, Fred Willard and James Urbaniak, and features such five-star guests as Jason Mantzoukas, Maria Thayer, Lance Bass and Andy Richter.

I recently had a chance to ask [...]

'The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project' Lives Up to Lofty Expectations

In the ever-expanding universe of comedy podcasts, few people are held in higher esteem than Andy Daly. Whenever I’m asked to provide a recommendation for someone looking to become better acquainted with the overwhelming world of improvisational podcasts, I suggest one of Daly's classic appearances on Comedy Bang! Bang! Those episodes deftly showcase the pinnacle of comedy podcasting while, at the same time, serving as a fairly accurate barometer of an individual’s comedic sensibility. It’s possible you may enjoy other comedy podcasts if you don’t find Daly’s frequent appearances on Comedy Bang! Bang! amusing; it’s just not probable. The news that Daly would attempt the intricate transition from guest [...]

Andy Daly's Show 'Review' Will Premiere on Comedy Central Feb. 27; 'Nathan For You' and 'Drunk History' to Return This Summer

Comedy Central announced its full winter schedule this morning, including the premiere dates for Andy Daly's long-awaited show Review (formerly titled Review with Forrest MacNeil) and experimental anthology series TripTank. The network also said today that Nathan for You and Drunk History will each premiere their second seasons at an undetermined date this summer.

Review, co-created by and starring Daly, will debut Thursday, February 27th at 10pm. Daly plays Forrest MacNeil, a TV critic who reviews life experiences like stealing, drug addiction, and sleeping with a celebrity. The supporting cast includes Jessica St. Clair as his wife, Fred Willard as his father-in-law, and James Urbaniak as his producer, with Andy Richter, [...]

The 11 Best 'Comedy Bang! Bang!' Characters and Impersonations

And so here we are, the day of the second season premiere of Comedy Bang! Bang!, the television show based on the funny podcast and former live showcase of the same name. Scott Aukerman and company have managed to take the successful, idiosyncratic style of humor from one medium to another, so much so that IFC is trusting them to put twenty new episodes on the air this season, twice as many as last year. But while some of the characters and impersonations have found their way to the small screen, the element of letting the listener's imagination run wild along with the routines, not to mention the much [...]