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What's on TV This Week: The Emmys and the Finale of 'Chelsea Lately'

Tonight, Seth Meyers hosts the Primetime Emmy Awards from LA. Emmys will be given to Outstanding Comedy Series, the Best Actor and Actress in a Comedy Series along with Outstanding Writing and Directing for a comedy series, amongst many others. Also this week Chelsea Handler’s show Chelsea Lately comes to a close in a one-hour live finale. Handler will begin a new talk show on Netflix set to premiere in 2016. Tosh.0 is back with new episodes as well as Colbert Report, The Daily Show, and @midnight. In late night, Mike Myers will be on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Check out this week’s full comedy listings below:

'Anger Management's' Ratings No Longer Crazy Insane

Anger Management premiered two weeks ago to a cable record 5.47 million people. Last week's episode didn't do as well, bringing in 3.37 million (1.71 ages 18-49). These numbers are still very solid and not surprising considering how much the premiere was promoted. Louie lost some viewers as well, dropping from 1.43 to 1.08 million, which is still higher than most of season 2; however, the better news is his 18-49 ratings basically stuck, only dropping from 0.7 to 0.6. Anger Management needs to maintain a certain rating to get picked-up for 90 episodes. There's no word on how Louie can get 90 more episodes but let's [...]

'Anger Management' and Charlie Sheen's Managed Anger

Last year, Charlie Sheen's professional and personal meltdown quickly went from comical to cause for serious concern, though probably not quick enough. Adweek reported on how Sheen and FX are planning his comeback from this breakdown. For Sheen, his new show represents a chance to both distance himself from his vats of tiger blood and that shitty sitcom he used to be on. Sheen told FX President John Landgraf,  “I don’t want Two and a Half Men to be my legacy. I want to do something that I can be really proud of on every level—creatively and personally.” In particular, he aspires the portrayal of women to be more fully [...]

FX Is Putting A Lot of Eggs in the June 28 Basket

Louie, Wilfred, Charlie Sheen's Anger Management, and Russell Brand's Strangely Uplifting will all premiere on FX on the same day, June 28. Here are some things that could go wrong with this programming strategy:

- a nationwide power outage on June 28

- Charlie Sheen and Russell Brand strike up a huge beef in May when Charlie and Katy Perry are seen canoodling at a club, forcing the viewing public to choose sides and not watch the enemy's show

- someone really, really famous (Oprah?) dies on June 28 and everyone's too busy looking at Twitter to watch TV

- cable installers schedule a union strike [...]

Charlie Sheen's Anger Management Punches Its Way onto FX

I'm so excited that Charlie Sheen's Anger Management is headed to FX, I could fire a dozen rounds into a bunch of couch cushions and begin weeping about my distant father. Sheen's new show will premiere in the summer of 2012, where it will be paired with reruns of Two and a Half Men, original flavor. For my money FX seems like the only channel where this show could spread its sweaty, jittery wings and really take off, so good on them. This whole Charlie Sheen breakdown thing really didn't turn out as badly as we thought, did it? So far?

'Anger Management' Is Getting 90 More Episodes

Yes, 90. Not 9. Well, they will get another 9 but then another 81 on top of that. As was the deal from the start, if Anger Management met a secret ratings threshold than it would be guaranteed 90 more episodes that would all shoot within the next two years. And with 100 episodes guaranteed, the producers are already starting to look for homes for syndication. The premiere of Anger Management broke records but ratings have steadily dropped ever since, landing just shy of 2 million for the finale. This apparently was more than good enough. So, expect to continue to not watch Anger Management [...]

'Anger Management' Is Way More Popular than Everything On Cable Ever, 'Louie' Is Doing Well, 'BrandX with Russell Brand' Is Solid

Watched by 5.47 million people (2.65 million 18-49), last night's Anger Management premiere was the most watched cable comedy premiere ever. And then the second episode ended up beating it, with 5.74 million (2.89 million 18-49). For some comparison, this is well above what The Office brought in every week last season. If you remember, if Anger Management maintains a certain rating, they'll be automatically renewed for 90 episodes. I think it's pretty safe to say, we better get used to seeing Charlie manage anger.

On the bright side, both Wilfred and Louie are looking solid. Based on last year's averages, they are up 71% and 55% respectively. [...]

Charlie Sheen's 'Anger Management' Looks Super Subtle in its First Teaser Trailer

The first teaser trailer for Charlie Sheen's new FX show, Anger Management, is here. In it, Charlie causes a literal trainwreck. Get it??

Trade Roundup: Anger Management, White Van Man, Almost Vacant

Shawnee Smith has joined the cast of Charlie Sheen's Anger Management, which is mostly unsettling because it is a reminder that there is a show out there called Charlie Sheen's Anger Management.

ABC has ordered a pilot for White Van Man, a single-camera sitcom based on a British show about "a man who is forced to put his dreams on hold in order to take over the family handyman business from his father." It'll be written by Raising Hope writer Bobby Bowman. Do you think the title means that the van is white, or the man is white, or both?

Comedy Central joins the pilot-ordering party [...]

Yes, Charlie Sheen Is Making an Anger Management TV Show

Good news for people who like bad things! Charlie Sheen is currently plotting his comeback, and it will involve remaking the Adam Sandler/Jack Nicholson turd Anger Management for TV. Lionsgate has signed on to produce the show, for some reason, despite normally producing good things such as Mad Men, Nurse Jackie and Weeds. Of course, no network has stepped up and agreed to air this thing yet. Part of me likes to imagine a world in which all of them would have the good sense to not touch it, but you know someone will pick it up.

FX Renews 'Louie' and Other Shows

FX has picked up  Louie for a fourth season because it's the best and they aren't monsters. The show has been averaging a 1.2 18-49 rating, which isn't earth shattering but it's solid for FX and Louis is able to make his show very cheaply. Russell Brand's BrandX also got renewed for seven more episodes that will air in the fall with some "creative changes." Also, Wilfred is likely to get renewed in the near future, as its rating are up 12% this season. Which brings us to Anger Management, which will likely get picked up for 90 more episodes. The network won't make a final decision until the [...]

Charlie Sheen Is Somewhat Looking Forward to Shooting 100 Episodes of 'Anger Management'

Anger Management was given 10 episodes by FX and if it hits a certain ratings number, they'll get 90 more that will be shot within the next two years. Two years! Just as a comparison, their FX cousin It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has only shot 84 episodes total and that show debuted in 2005. And all signs are pointing to this threshold being met. The show is tracking very well and is picking up sponsors left and right. And how does Carlos "Charlie Sheen" Estevez feel about all of this? As he told the New York Times, he has workmanlike happiness:

Trade Roundup: Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg, Charlie Sheen

Kristen Wiig is set to star in a new action-comedy script from Oscar winners Nat Faxon and Jim Rash. Action? Comedy? Kristen Wiig? Dean Pelton? So many good things! (Faxon will also be starring with Abby Elliott in Ben Fox Is My Manny.)

What do Andy Samberg, Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz and Beyoncé all have in common? They'll all be appearing in One Hit Wonders, the upcoming film from Glee's Ryan Murphy. Also, they all love the color pink.

Brett Butler has joined the cast of Charlie Sheen's Anger Management as the bartender at the bar where Charlie's therapist character hangs out. Butler [...]

Charlie Sheen Returns to TV in June, Possibly For Good

Charlie Sheen's new show Anger Management is premiering on FX in June, and Russell Brand's late night series Strangely Uplifting will begin in April. By far the most frightening piece of news here is that if the first ten episode stretch of Anger Management does well enough, "it will trigger a 90-episode pickup." 90?! Dear God! The humanity! It's like FX is a Bond villain who's rigged up some doomsday device that will destroy all of Tokyo if enough people insult his moustache. We have to be strong, America. We can't watch this show's first ten episodes unless we want Charlie Sheen to be ranting and [...]