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Key & Peele Deliver Obama's Other Victory Speech

As you may or may not have heard, President Obama won re-election last night. Here's Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele's version of Obama's accepatance speech from tonight's episode of their Comedy Central sketch show Key & Peele. With help from anger translator Luther, Key & Peele's take on Obama's speech is just as inspiring and eloquent as the real thing and also ends with the MC Hammer Dance.

Luther Helps the President Celebrate Romney's "47%" Comments

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Luther is right: Obama must have been PUMPED. Luther is probably also psyched, considering that he'd be out of a job if Obama lost the election. Regular civilians don't need/can't afford anger translators. What would he even do? Yell at the guy at the Burger King drive-through for not including enough packets of ketchup? Yell at an 11-month old French bulldog for peeing on the former President's lawn? Yell at Time Warner for the wireless continuing to cut out [...]

Obama's Luther Takes on Romney

Key and Peele Get More: Comedy Central,Funny Videos,Funny TV Shows

I didn't know Obama released his old Blockbuster card. Does it show he rented Jerry Maguire, like everyone with a Blockbuster card was wont to do? Did the cashier, when seeing the VHS, respond to the then State Senator by saying, "Show me the money!!?" Do you think recently, before bed, the Prez asked Michelle, "Hey Michelle, what ever happened to that 'human head weighs eight pounds' kid?" only to have her roll her eyes and say, "Go to [...]