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'Animal Practice': The Post-Mortem

Sometimes TV shows drag their unfunny, uninteresting, yet highly rated feet across our living rooms for years. “Who let this happen?” we ponder as our foreheads turn red from frequent smacks. Other times, the powers that be get things right. That’s where “Brilliantly Canceled” comes in, looking at the shows that didn’t make it past their first season and saved us all a ton of grief.

Sometime in the eighties, NBC threw a show called Manimal on the air. It was an action-adventure drama about Dr. Jonathan Chase, a man who was able to turn into any animal he wanted, which enabled him to fight crime and help out the police/make [...]

Talking with Crystal (the Monkey) about 'Animal Practice', Her Career, And Much, Much More

With the new TV season just getting under way, we are bombarded with an array of new potential stars of all sizes. The absolute smallest of these stars is Crystal. Historians very often say that a great monkey actor comes only once in a generation and, at this point, it is abundently clear that Crystal is the monkey of our time. Born in 1994, Crystal has been active in Hollywood since the tender age of 3 (or about 6, in human years). Whether it's in Dr. Dolittle, Night at the Museum, Hangover II, Community, or anything else she's been in, she brings a certain humanity – or I guess [...]

Movie/TV Star Crystal the Monkey Gets Paid Mad Bananas

Are you sitting down? Try not to skip ahead. Now guess how much Crystal the monkey will get per episode of Animal Practice. Remember she's had quite a successful comedy career, starring in blockbusters like the Night at the Museum movies and The Hangover II. Ready? $12,000. That is 12,000 human American dollars not some silly monkey currency. That is what child actors get or some leads on smaller cable networks. If Animal Practice gets a full season order, we're talking over $250,000. Do you know how many bananas that could buy? You'd have to go directly to the supplier at that point! Where do I go to sign [...]

Is 'New Girl' the First "Post-Post-9/11 Show?"

In an interview with Written ByNew Girl executive producer Brett Baer explain his theory:

When we tested the show, after we put the pilot together, it was strange how people were responding. We were all surprised by how connected people felt to it during the focus group testing. I was thinking long and hard about it, and I said to Dave [Finkel, another New Girl producer], "What we've done here is create maybe the first post-post-9/11 show." The comedy in the past 10 years prior to our show had an edge to it. It was satirical. There was a cynicism about the comedy. What our show came along at the [...]

NBC Offers Up Their New Schedule and Clips from Their New Comedies

Yesterday was officially Mother's Day but, when NBC announced its projected fall lineup, it felt more like Christmas. How about another analogy? Sure. Upfronts are like the NFL Draft, they mark the end of one season and the start of the next, but its still be months before anything plays out. So what does NBC's draft class look like? If comedies were offensive lineman, than NBC drafted like a lot of right guards. We had reported that they picked up a zillion (or seven) new sitcoms but it's still interesting to look at. If you include SNL, NBC has comedic programming five nights a week, which [...]

NBC Cancels Monkey Sitcom

In the first comedy cancellation of the fall TV season, NBC has axed Animal Practice, its ratings-challenged veterinary sitcom, putting a cast and crew of hundreds of people and one monkey out of work. Animal Practice scored a big audience in a post-Olympics debut in August but saw its ratings slide each time it aired not after the Olympics. This is the first new fall sitcom to be cancelled and the second overall sitcom to get cut this season after NBC pulled the plug on an unaired Dane Cook midseason replacement earlier this week.  NBC is handing Animal Practice's Wednesday 8pm timeslot over to displaced sitcom Whitney, which was put on [...]

Ryan Hansen to Recur on '2 Broke Girls', June Diane Raphael to Reoccur on 'Animal Practice'

Ryan Hansen has been cast to play the role of Candy Andy on 2 Broke Girls. Candy Andy is a candy maker who competes with the two broke gals over who can give the most hipsters cavities or something. There is also speculation that Andy could date the non-Kat Dennings broke girl (Beth Behrs) and when they kiss they'll turn in to a giant mass of blond hair and white teeth.

Speaking of people we like potentially romancing people on shows we might like less, June Diane Raphael is set to have a reoccurring role on Animal Practice. No word yet on what her character will be [...]

'Animal Practice' to Not Be THAT Broad; Star Annie's Boobs

When NBC talks about their new unsophisticated comedies, it's hard not to think of Animal Practice first. It might have some solid people working on it but the show just looks so farcical, so silly. This doesn't mean it's bad – it just looks broad. Executive producer Anthony Russo told reporters the writers are very aware of how broad the show can go but the goal was to make a "smart, grounded comedy" without becoming "out-of-this-world outlandish." Executive producer Scot Armstrong (a UCB alum who wrote The Hangover II and produced Best Friends Forever) said there is definitely a point where there’s "too much icing on the [...]

Let's Rank This Fall's New Comedies Based On Their Trailers And Who's Involved In Them

The first episode of a comedic television series is a good indicator for what the show can become. They are also almost always not particularly funny, needing to spend the majority of their time giving the viewer a tour of their expansive house that isn't completely constructed yet. On the other hand, we were bombarded with news from the upfronts about the new shows that are going to change the way we live and breathe, so it's only fair that we unfairly judge them based on three minutes of footage.

There are eight comedies premiering this fall on the four major networks. They are listed in order of how [...]

Summing Up All of Last Night's Crazy NBC Scheduling News

We reported earlier in the evening that Anne Heche's Save Me and Ryan Murphy's The New Normal were joining Matthew Perry's Go On in NBC's fall schedule. Even later last night, NBC picked two more single-camera sitcom pilots, 1600 Penn and Animal Practice. 1600 Penn is a White House-set family sitcom, co-created and starring Josh Gad. Animal Practice is a comedy set in the office of a curmudgeonly veterinarian (Justin Kirk). Also announced was that Greg Daniels's Friday Night Dinner, Sarah Silverman, Hilary Winston, and Roseanne's Downwardly Mobile no longer have a shot to be picked up.

Will these new comedies affect our old favorites? Yes, pretty significantly. To make [...]

NBC’s Attempt to Steal YouTube’s Audience by Adding Cute Animals and Babies Is Off to a Slow Start

Videos of cute animals and babies always score a ton of hits on the Internet, and this season, NBC execs introduced a new strategy to try to poach YouTube’s much, much larger audience by adding more adorable furry creatures and infants to its primetime lineup. The cornerstone of NBC’s experimental new “people think babies and animals are cute” model is its Wednesday night sitcom block of Animal Practice and Guys with Kids, which premiered last night to lower-than-expected, Vimeo-sized ratings, a far cry from the YouTube-level Nielsens NBC executives had expected. Animal Practice earned a paltry 1.4 rating in the 18-49 demo, down considerably from the 4.1 the [...]

A Solid Amount of People Watched 'Animal Practice', Sadly for Them

12.8 million people watched  Animal Practice after the closing ceremonies on Sunday night. Did you guys watch? It was "ruff," as the dogs on the show would say. The pilot was weirdly serious, like they were trying to do a parody of a medical drama but forgot to add farcical elements. It was like Childrens Hospital but instead of jokes, they had smirks and sly comments. 12.8 is a good bit less than the 16.1 million that watched the preview of Go On earlier in the week, despite Go On having a worse lead-in. It will be interesting to see if this level of respective interest holds [...]

NBC Plans to Premiere 'Go On' in August and 'Community' in October

As a way to thoroughly promote their gallons and gallons of sitcom material, NBC is going to stagger all of the premieres. To capitalize on the Olympic eyeballs, Matthew Perry's Go On (or as I like to call it, "The one with a dead wife") is going to debut on August 8th, which is perfect because after people cheer on sports they love to watch a really sad sitcom pilot about moving on after a tragedy. (In all seriousness, the pilot is quite good and this might be really helpful.) The exceedingly more whimsical Animal Practice is also going to get some Olympic support as well on August 12th. So what about [...]

Full Trailers For NBC's Four New Fall Comedies

Is sad the new funny? It might be on Tuesdays on NBC. The trailers for Go On and The New Normal suggest a lot of crying and looking in the distance at nothing. Where Animal Practice and Guys with Kids looks more like silly fun times (one literally stars a monkey). My money (yep, I bet on pilots) is for Go On to be the best of these shows; even in this trailer, there is a confidence and a clear comedic voice. It's hard to say if that will translate into ratings or if it will be too dark and end up another underappreciated NBC sitcom. The rest of [...]