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Comedy Central Orders an Animated Pilot from Will Gluck and 'Conan' Writer Scott Gairdner

With Futurama on the way out, Comedy Central has a new animated comedy in the works. THR reports that the cable network has commissioned an animated pilot called Moonbeam City. The pilot will be executive produced by Will Gluck, director of Easy A, and written/created by Scott Gairdner (pictured), a former writer/director for Funny or Die who is currently on Conan's writing staff. Moonbeam City is an absurdist riff on '80s crime dramas following Dazzle Novak, a dumb, handsome undercover cop who is desperate to avoid solving crimes. Gairdner, creator of web series like Tiny Fuppets and Clip Cup, surely has some amazing stuff cooked up for [...]

'The Simpsons' and the Birth of the Modern Animated TV Comedy

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Sure, there were plenty of primetime animated series before The Simpsons, but they were few and far between in the late '80s and the influential Fox show singlehandedly led the charge in bringing cartoons back to primetime (and adult audiences) after over a decade-plus absence. The Flintstones was the first significant animated comedy to air in primetime, debuting on ABC in 1960. After it went off the air in 1966, there wasn't another one until another Hanna-Barbera series, Wait Till Your Father Comes Home, which aired in syndication from 1972 to 1974 and didn't [...]

Larry David's Animated Thankgiving Special Is Heartwarming

Here's an animated Thanksgiving special that Larry David wrote and starred in for Funny or Die. David recounts Thanksgiving dinners with his family in Brooklyn, and it's pretty clear where all of his Seinfeld/Curb characters come from. His uncle is even named Uncle Leo, and he seems just as ridiculous as the Seinfeld character.

There's A LOT of Consensual Sex in the 'Brickleberry' Preview

We get it, we get it, Tosh, you prefer sex to be an agreed up action…between two adult…animals…in public…in front of children. Though, it probably should be noted that all of the fornicating animals have the dead eyes of a veteran porn star, which it seems like they kind of are, since they have sex for others to watch. But, hey, at least the animation has a really nice look to it, so there's that.

Wes Anderson to Release Animated 'Moonrise Kingdom' Companion Piece Next Week

Considering that it did very well for itself again this past weekend, it seems like Moonrise Kingdom is poised to be a thing. Like a hipster Halloween costume for years to come level of a thing. And now Wes Anderson has told Comingsoon.net that Moonrise Kingdom, like The Darjeeling Limited, is getting a short film companion piece. He explained:

"[The character of Suzy has] a suitcase full of these young adult fantasy type novels… Sort of sci-fi/fantasy books. We had to invent them and give a little glimpse of each one. Different artists, most of whom very close to the filmmakers, were doing these. In fact, we have now [...]

Watch an Animated 'Superego' Video from Thing X

Here's a new animated video from the talented folks behind the excellent comedy podcast Superego, released by Thing X. It's about what may well be the wackiest cloud registry ever.

Fox is Considering Making an Animated Comedy Based on 50 Cent's Childhood

Rapper-actor Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson is in negotiations to make an animated comedy for Fox, Deadline reports. The untitled series is loosely based on 50 Cent's childhood as "a mischievous but well-meaning boy who often tangles with his eccentric family and neighborhood." Carl Jones (The Boondocks) is writing, and the project is expected to receive a pilot or pilot presentation (a.k.a. short pilot) order from Fox. This is the first project based on 50 Cent's life since the 2005 movie Get Rich or Die Tryin', which couldn't be further away from an animated comedy. It hasn't been announced yet whether 50 Cent will voice the main character in [...]

Ben Schwartz: Animated Boy Ninja

But seriously, what the juice? This is Ben Schwartz in the part he was born to play: an excited teenager. Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja debuts next month on Disney XD, Disney's animated action-orientated kids network that you probably didn't know existed. The show is about Schwartz's character finding an 800-year-old ninja guide called "NinjaNomicon" (I'm not making this stuff up) and using it to fight bad guys and get through high school. The show also features Jim Rash, Tim Curry, Megan Mullally, and John Oliver, so let's all start making babies fast so we don't look weird watching it. Speaking of weird, watch the clip below that explains [...]

An Animated Patton Oswalt Tells of a Life-Changing Magical Black Gentleman

Who do you think that cool San Francisco comedian was modeled after? He looks like a cross between Greg Proops and 90s Marc Maron. Now those two are magical figures that should be changing lives, not some guy with a really short blazer, who doesn't like jokes about movie popcorn. Hopefully, in the next video Patton is wearing a backwards hat and red blazer, as was his fashion at the time.


Daniel Tosh Soon To Be a Short Bear

Here is the first image from Daniel Tosh's new animated series. Tosh announced last night on Tosh.0 that Brickleberry will premiere on September 25th on Comedy Central. The show focuses on a group of dysfunctional forest rangers and a sarcastic bear voiced by Tosh. Other things to notice in this picture: the yellow-haired lady's shirt doesn't cover her entire torso, the African American fellow wears his badge on a gold chain and is scared of that spider who is just hangin' around, and the larger lady has the symbol for women pinned on her shirt. I'm very confident that at least 85% of the show will be the [...]

Animated TV in the 2000s: DVD Resurrection, Adult Swim, and the MacFarlane Empire

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Yesterday, we ran a piece on the history of animated TV comedy in the wake of The Simpsons, leaving off in 1999 with several new (and newish) shows finding success. The big networks spent most of the '90s trying to replicate the popularity of The Simpsons, with ABC, CBS, and NBC's attempts falling short and Fox finding hits at the end of the decade with a trio of new shows – King of the Hill, Futurama, and Family Guy. All of these shows echoed The Simpsons in some way. King of the Hill and [...]

5 Failed Attempts to Turn Comedy Movies Into Animated Series

Adapting a popular comedy movie into an animated series aimed at adults rarely works out, but it's still something Hollywood has been trying after decades of failed projects. In the 80s and 90s, there was a trend towards turning movies into Saturday morning cartoons, with Ghostbusters, The Mask, and Beetlejuice, amongst countless others, serving as the basis for successful kids shows. But when it comes to adult series, these animated adaptations always fail, with cartoon versions of Spaceballs, Clerks, Friday, and most recently, Napoleon Dynamite all being quickly canceled, all in 13 episodes or less. Despite the lack of success in the field, numerous comedy writers and studios have [...]

We Should Constantly Animate Eddie Pepitone

This is a clip from the upcoming Steven Feinartz documentary about Eddie Pepitone, which sadly won't be completely animated. It would've been like Watlz With Bashir but (only slightly) less depressing. The film is supposed to come out later this year, so check back in more clips where people are drawn with incredibly dark eyes, giant torsos, and legs that look like candlestick bowling pins.

Pixar's 'Monsters' Are Going Back to School

The fact that Monsters University wasn't already used as the name of a movie, TV show, toy line, or energy drink makes me respect all business people less. The clip shows a lot of partying, maybe too much partying for young kids, but don't worry, Walt Disney's frozen head has informed me that excluding this 1 minute clip, the other 89 minutes of the film is just animated college lectures about sleeping and the psychology of fear.