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A Look at the 2015 Oscar-Nominated Animated Shorts

It’s a strange thing to see the 2015 Oscar-nominated animated shorts and Mortdecai on the same day. But that’s what I did a few days ago, for reasons too boring to mention. Anyways, the public’s distaste for the latter movie is well documented so I’ll spare the jokes. And besides, I prefer to use my humor to bring light instead of spread darkness.

Instead, I want to talk about the 2015 Oscar-nominated animated shorts. The truth is, movies like Mortdecai suck because nobody gives a shit about them. They are huge behemoths with unlimited budgets and no creative stakes, made by people so successful that they’re bored with the whole [...]

'Homestar Runner' Is Coming Back, Maybe This Fall

Homestar Runner may be making a comeback. Matt Chapman, co-creator of the early 2000s flash animated web series, revealed this week on the podcast The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show, that he has plans to revive the series. Chapman did a new Homestar cartoon on April Fool's Day, the first since the series stopped in 2010. Here's what he had to say on Jeff Rubin's podcast:

Our goal — we did that [April Fool's] thing as sort of a test to get back into doing it. We'd love to start making things again … It depends on how whole-hog we go, if we give Strong Bad a Twitter or [...]

Wes Anderson Made a Fully Animated Version of 'Grand Budapest Hotel' Before He Made the Actual Movie

Writer/director Wes Anderson got ready to make his new movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, in kind of an unconventional way: by making an animated version of it before production began. The Wrap reported the news and that Anderson voiced all the characters in the animated version.

"He had, I think developed from having done Fantastic Mr. Fox, an animated version of the movie," Jeff Goldblum, one of the film's stars, told The Wrap. "It was a beautifully animated version of the whole movie, with all the cuts as they pretty much I think wound up to be. And he voiced all the characters. He called it animatics. I had [...]

'The Addams Family' Is Coming Back as an Animated Movie

One of the original horror comedies is returning. The Addams Family, which originated as a single panel New Yorker cartoon in the 1930s and became famous on a string of TV shows from the 60s through the 90s, is set to return as animated movie written by Corpse Bride and Monster House writer Pamela Pettler. It'll officially be the fourth Addams movie, after 1991's The Addams Family, 1993's Addams Family Values, and the straight-to-video Addams Family Reunion from 1998.

A reboot of the macabre family's franchise had been in the works a few years ago, when Tim Burton was set to co-write and produce a stop-motion version based on the original drawings [...]

Bill Hader Is Your New John Ratzenberger; Voicing Next Two Pixar Films

Pixar unveiled their slate for the next three years at the D23 expo Friday afternoon, and Bill Hader will be voicing major characters in their next two movies. The studio announced the cast for 2014's The Good Dinosaur, which follows a group of dinosaurs coming across the first human. Raising Hope's Lucas Neff is voicing the lead character, with Hader and Judy Greer as his siblings. 2015's Inside Out, the return of Up director Pete Docter, goes inside a human head and stars the emotions that drive said person. Amy Poehler is the lead as the voice of Joy, with the rest of the cast consisting of Mindy Kaling (Disgust), Lewis [...]

Exploring the Hidden Racist Past of the Looney Toons

I have an uncomfortable confession to make: I have never liked the Looney Tunes. Despite the cultural pervasiveness of these characters, and a lifelong love of animation on my part, they’ve always struck me as annoying, repetitive, and boring — for all the pandemonium that Bugs Bunny and his ilk ostensibly represent, their chaos is bland, their destruction is predictable, and their lineage is corporate.

To be fair, my exposure to Looney Tunes at the time bore that out pretty well: I grew up in the age of Space Jam and the slew of jerseys, sneakers, McDonald’s toys, pogs, and cookie jars that film spawned. Today is no better, [...]

Classic 'Superego' Sketches Are Getting Animated Thanks to Nerdist

If you're a fan of animation and the hit improvised podcast Superego, Nerdist is launching a new weekly series that will take classic Superego sketches and give them the animated visual accompaniment they so richly deserve. New sketches will go live on Nerdist every Tuesday (with an initial run of five sketches) and will hopefully be one of many animated collaborations between Superego, Nerdist, and Mahlberg Studios. Here's a statement from Superego co-creator Matt Gourley:

We at Superego are thrilled to be teaming up with Nerdist for a wallop of a web series. Until now, our show has primarily been an audio-only experience, but with the addition of [...]

Watch a New 'Simpsons' Couch Gag Animated by Bill Plympton

A few years ago, The Simpsons started bringing in well-known outside artists like Banksy and John Kricfalusi to guest-animate their couch gag sequences, and here's a new one done by cartoonist Bill Plympton. This is the third couch gag Plympton has made for the show, and it'll air in this coming Sunday's episode, which also features a tribute to filmmaker/animator Hayao Miyazaki during the actual episode.

Fox ADHD Buys Show From Amber Tozer

Fox has added to its Saturday night animation block ADHD with a series from LA-based comic Amber Tozer. The Tozer Show will debut on Fox next year, Tozer announced on Facebook. She didn't spill too many details, saying "I'm so happy and excited and grateful and I feel like overeating." ADHD may prove to be a great spot for young comics. Next month, the network will preview two new series, Lucas Bros. Moving Co. and Golan the Insatiable alongside existing shows Axe Cop and High School USA!

Tozer is known for her web series nitTWITS, described as a "sketch comedy web-series inspired by the funniest tweets." Below, check out her trailer for nitTWITS. (via The [...]

Watch Another Animated Version of Patton Oswalt's 'Star Wars' Filibuster

Last season on Parks and Recreation, Patton Oswalt guest starred in an episode and improvised an eight-minute filibuster as a guy at a city council meeting talking about his dream Star Wars sequel. This week, Nerdist uploaded this animated version of the speech animated by Daniel Spellman. It's the second animated version of the filibuster we've seen. The first, by Isaac Moores, is embedded below:

A 3D Animator Has Created an Impressively Realistic 'Futurama' World

Russian animator Alexey Zakharov recently decided to recreate the Planet Express Ship from Futurama, and the result is pretty impressive. Check out a short clip of the ship in an extremely detailed Futurama world above, then click through for another clip as well as several images of the ship in all its 3D glory.

Watch a Teaser Trailer for the Paul Feig-Produced CGI 'Peanuts' Movie

Last year, it was announced that comedy writer/director Paul Feig (Freaks and Geeks, Bridesmaids) is producing a 3D CGI animated Peanuts movie, bringing Charles Schulz's beloved comic strip characters to the big screen, and here's a new teaser trailer for the film, featuring Charlie Brown and Snoopy in our first glimpse at what the new CGI versions of these characters looks like. As announced previously, the movie is coming out November 6, 2015, and Steve Martino (Horton Hears A Who!) is directing from a script co-written by Craig Schulz (Charles Schulz's son), Bryan Schulz (Charles's grandson), and Cornelius Uliano (Bryan's writing partner). Feig tells USA Today, "Snoopy will not [...]

Learn How to Draw the Simpsons

Animation blog Blame It on the Voices dug up un illustration of Do's and Don't's for how to draw Lisa Simpson called "Simpson No-No's" this week. You can check out the full graphic below, which shows how to get a Simpsons character's facial features just right. The animated guide comes from a 1991 interview with Simpsons animators David Silvermand Wes Archer, which is also worth a read.

Check out the animated map of Do's and Don't's below:

Watch an Animated Piece of Patrice O'Neal Standup

The late, great Patrice O'Neal's most recent posthumous album, Unreleased, was released a couple months ago, but the hard copy came out today along with this animation set to a Patrice O'Neal bit. Cartoon Patrice O'Neal has a much fancier mustache than the real one.