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Splitsider Announcement: We've Turned Off Our Comments Section

As of this week, Splitsider has its comments section turned off by default. We still have the ability to turn the comments on for select posts — our SNL reviews tend to get good comments, for example — but for the vast majority of posts, we will no longer be accepting comments.

Introducing Splitsider Presents and Our First Movie Release, 'The Exquisite Corpse Project'

I'm incredibly proud to introduce Splitsider Presents, our new digital distribution label. We're going to be selling hilarious, one-of-a-kind movies, documentaries and standup specials for $5 each, right here on Splitsider. All purchases will entitle you to DRM-free HD downloads and in-browser streams, and we've built the store from the ground up in order to give the lion's share of the proceeds right to the artists and comedians responsible.

The Exquisite Corpse Project is our first release, and I couldn't be more excited about it. It's the perfect movie for us: a comedy about the process of creating comedy. Director Ben Popik gathered together his former [...]

Mike Drucker, Phoebe Robinson, Adam Newman and Aaron Glaser to Swing by Our Dog and Pony Show

This Friday night is Splitsider and Tumblr's monthly Dog and Pony Show, and the lineup is pretty stellar: Mike Drucker, Phoebe Robinson, Adam Newman and Aaron Glaser will all grace the UCB East stage, joined as always by host Halle Kiefer.

It all goes down this Friday night at UCB East, which is located at 3rd St. and Ave. A in New York City. Tickets are just $10, and you can make reservations right here.

Happy Thanksgiving, You Humorless Sons of Whores

We're taking off a bit early today because it's the day before Thanksgiving and that seems like a pretty airtight excuse for a half-day. Enjoy your starches and awkward familial interactions tomorrow! We'll be back in full force on Monday once we've slept off our red wine hangovers.

Please Join The Splitsider Comedy Book Club

Book clubs are a complicated lot. On the plus side, you get a necessary peer-pressure push to read. On the negative, you have to go places and your "friends" probably don't want to read all your comedy nerd books. I'm like you and so I decided to start The Splitsider Comedy Book Club (not to be confused with the Splitsider Book Club Comedy Club, in which we teach you to book comedy clubs). The goal is present you, our readers, a space to virtually gather and discuss a book, knowing that others will also gather and discuss said book. We'll pick a book and then a month or so [...]

Jason Burke, Kara Klenk, Anna Drezen, and Joe Pera Are Visiting the Dog and Pony Show This Friday

Jason Burke, Kara Klenk, Anna Drezen, and Joe Pera are joining host Halle Kiefer this Friday night at our monthly Dog and Pony Show. It's going down at 7:30pm at the wonderful UCB East in Manhattan, and it costs a mere $5. $5 for an evening of laughter and good times is a pretty good deal, guys. So go ahead and make your reservations here, and we'll see you on Friday.

Tomorrow Night at the Dog and Pony Show: Alison Leiby, Erin Lennox, Zach Broussard, and Casey Jost

This month's Dog and Pony show is tomorrow night, and the lineup is amazing: Alison Leiby, Erin Lennox, Zach Broussard, and Casey Jost, all brought together by your wonderful host Halle Kiefer. What's not to like?

It all happens tomorrow, Friday, April 12th, at 7:30pm at UCB East in NYC. Make your reservations here and we'll see you tomorrow night.

Come See John Mulaney, Annie Lederman, Dan St. Germain and Jaime Lee at the Splitsider/Tumblr Dog and Pony Show!

This month at Splitsider and Tumblr's Dog and Pony Show, we've got one killer lineup. Check this out: for $5, John Mulaney, Annie Lederman, Dan St. Germain and Jaime Lee will all be performing, plus the always wonderful Halle Kiefer is pulling hosting duties. $5! If you're in NYC next Tuesday the 18th, you should come, laugh, and hang out with us. What do you have to do that's better than this?

The details: Tuesday, December 18th at 8pm at UCB East (E 3rd St and Ave A). $5. Make your reservations here, and we'll see you on Tuesday.

Want to Be a Splitsider Intern?

Splitsider is looking for a couple of part-time interns to help out with both the site and the podcast network. Any interest? Here are the details:

Announcing the "Nick of Time" Book

“What if the viewer could become her/his own programming director; what if s/he could define the very entertainment-happiness it was her/his right to pursue.” – David Foster Wallace

First of all, don’t get pissed: This is the last Nick of Time piece. Even worse, it’s not a real Nick of Time piece. Sorry.

Now, yes, I still have a few more shows left to investigate, analyze, and deconstruct, but, well, this modest little hat trick actually worked. That’s right: The history of Nickelodeon’s “golden age” I’ve been developing alongside my Nick of Time series will be published by Plume, an imprint of Penguin, next year.

Hey New York! Come See a Screening of 'The Exquisite Corpse Project' at UCB East Tomorrow Night

Still haven't seen our first Splitsider Presents release, The Exquisite Corpse Project? You're totally missing out. But if you're in NYC and want to see it on a big-ish screen surrounded by other people who will also be laughing and enjoying themselves, come to our screening at UCB East tomorrow night at 7:30pm! It's only $5!

Don't live in New York or just don't feel like interacting with other people? No judgements, friend. For that same $5 you can watch the movie right here, right now, in beautiful DRM-free HD quality. So go ahead and do that! You'll love it, promise.

Tomorrow Night: A Special Valentine's Day Edition of Splitsider and Tumblr's Dog and Pony Show

Love is in the air at this week's Dog and Pony Show – awkward, awkward love. That's because, in honor of Valentine's Day, host Halle Kiefer will share her on-stage duties with her ex, Dan Chamberlain. There's no way it can go wrong!

In addition to this soulful reunion, we'll have standup sets by Amber Nelson, Ashley Brooke Roberts, Rob Stern, and Naomi Ekperigin. That's so much goodness! It's all going down tomorrow night, February 8th, at 7:30pm at UCB East for only $10. Make a reservation here or just come on by after work. See you then!

Splitsider and Tumblr's Dog and Pony Show: Emily Heller, Ilana Glazer, Erik Bergstrom and Nick Turner

Splitsider and Tumblr's Dog and Pony Show, our new monthly show with our buddies over at Tumblr, is back for its second installment this week. On Thursday night at 7:30pm, swing on by the UCB East in NYC for an excellent lineup: Emily Heller, Ilana Glazer, Erik Bergstrom, Nick Turner and host Halle Kiefer. All that for only $5! You can't go wrong.

Head over to the UCB East website to make your reservations now!

Introducing the Splitsider Podcast Network

I'm excited to introduce the brand new Splitsider Podcast Network. Launching with six of the best comedy podcasts currently recording in NYC, with one new one on the way, we're very proud to be gathering up some of the best audio comedy out there. Without further ado, our lineup:

You Had to Be There You Had To Be There is co-hosted by comedians Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer. Each week, Nikki and Sara invite one comedian and a small audience of friends to hang out in Sara's apartment in Brooklyn. The conversation can go anywhere, but it always stays funny. Oh, and sometimes there's live music. Nikki Glaser [...]