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It's Official: NBC Cancels 'BFFs,' 'Bent' and 'Are You There Chelsea?'

Amongst all the great news in TV comedy renewal land comes this unsurprising but still sad news (at least in terms of BFFs): Are You There Chelsea?, Best Friends Forever and Bent are officially not coming back to the peacock. RIP, friends.

Bad News for Whitney and Chelsea Could Be Good News for Community

NBC's Wednesday Whitney/Are You There, Chelsea? comedy block did not fare well last night, getting soundly beat by ABC reruns. Could be good news on the horizon for Community fans if NBC decides to pull one or both of those shows. Land ho!

Are You There, Chelsea? It's Me, Impending Cancellation.

NBC's Are You There, Chelsea? is now more likely to be canceled than renewed, according to the ratio of its new episodes' ratings among adults 18-49 to those of NBC's other scripted shows. Cancellation is by no means certain, but it would be surprising to see Chelsea stick around for another season over Whitney, for example. While we saw today that Whitney has its supporters (or at least those engaged enough to argue about it), is there anyone out there making those arguments for Chelsea? Is anyone out there watching Chelsea?

Ways for 30 Rock to Enjoy Definitely Getting Renewed Despite Awful Ratings

Syndication! Those glorious four syllables are the reason that 30 Rock will almost definitely be renewed for next season even though it's doing even worse in the ratings than Whitney and Are You There, Chelsea?, which might well get canceled. Here are some ways 30 Rock could take advantage of the fact that they're fairly certain to get another season no matter how low their ratings go:

– repeat the script of an old episode but have every actor trade places (Tina Fey as Tracy Jordan, Alec Baldwin as Jenna Maroney, etc.)

– throw a dance party for its characters and writers and film them interacting with no [...]