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Jenny Slate Shares Her Unique Arnold Schwarzenegger Impression with Conan

Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions have pretty much become a cliché by now, but Jenny Slate found a way to make her take on the Governator uniquely her own — not just by making sure it's absolutely terrible, but by choosing the worst quote from Twins to go with it.

The Complete Guide to Everything: Chicago

October's the time for outdoor autumnal activities. In Tom's case that means traveling to Long Island to tour wineries, go pumpkin picking, visiting a corn maze and running into Arnold Schwarzenegger in Manhattan. In Tim's case that means going to the Bronx to walk around a cemetery at night with a bunch of elderly people, which of course leads to a debate about the reality Michael Jackson's Thriller video is set in.

This week Tom recounts his recent trip to Chicago and the midwest for the first time ever where he discovers how big lakes can be (really big), the numerous ways entrepreneurs are ripping off the Chicago Cubs, [...]

Schwarzenegger, DeVito, Murphy to Make an Unholy Trinity in Triplets

"Guys, I've got it. You know how we've been wondering whether it would be too strange to make a sequel to Twins, the 1988 comedy starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito as experimentally conceived brothers? You know, since no one remembers that movie and Arnold hasn't done a movie since Terminator 3? Well, try this on for size: let's throw in a once-majorly-respected comedian who just did perhaps the worst movie of his career as the THIRD BROTHER. Is it just me, or did everything about this project suddenly fall perfectly into place?"

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jimmy Fallon Sell Blenders and Choppers on QVC

Arnold Schwarzenegger has undoubtedly recited his famous "Get to the choppa!" line for fans countless times since 1987, but Jimmy Fallon found a creative new way to get Arnold to say the famous line again using an entirely new context set in a QVC informercial. Arnold really has no patience for that stainless steel blender.

'Total Recall' and Schwarzenegger's Self-Parody

The Total Recall remake (which I can’t stop from calling Total Remake) might seem unnecessary, but it does have one key difference: Colin Farrell has replaced Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role of Douglas Quaid. Farrell might seem far removed from “everyman,” but he’s a lot closer to the protagonist of the original Phillip K. Dick short story (“a miserable little salaried employee”) than the Austrian Oak. Of course, save for the first act — average guy goes to get fake memories implanted only to learn that he already has said memories — the 1990 adaptation more or less becomes an original film. And nobody defined it more than its muscle-bound star.

Even director Paul [...]

Josh Gad Is Working on the 'Twins' Sequel 'Triplets,' Which Is Apparently Still Happening

Book of Mormon and Daily Show star Josh Gad has just been hired to co-write a script treatment for Triplets, a sequel to the 1988 Arnold Schwarzenegger/Danny DeVito comedy Twins that will also star Eddie Murphy. According to Deadline, Gad will write the script treatment (which is Hollywood talk for "long outline") with Ryan Dixon, an exec at the screenwriting website ScriptShark, and Dixon will write the screenplay solo if the project moves forward after the treatment is done. Twins director Ivan Reitman recently downplayed Triplets talk by implying the project was in the very early stages, commenting, "With Triplets, I’m quite nervous about it. I think it’s somebody’s commercial [...]

Get Ready for that 'Twins' Sequel You Never Knew You Wanted

Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed at Comic-Con that a sequel to Twins is in the works. The original was a mega-smash, back in the day when movie stars like Arnold basically printed money. Ivan Reitman, who produced and directed the original, is coming back. No word yet on Danny Devito's status, but he's probably available. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure no one is really clamoring for a movie just about Julius Benedict. In March, the rumor going around was that the film would be titled Triplets and feature Eddie Murphy as the third brother, which is so unbelievable that it actually makes sense. Fun fact: Did you know [...]