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CBS Abruptly Cancels 'The Arsenio Hall Show' After One Season

Despite getting renewed for a second season that was announced by Arsenio Hall and Jay Leno in late February, THR reports that CBS has now canceled The Arsenio Hall Show after only one season on the air. Hall's second round at hosting the late night show premiered back in September, and despite bringing in ratings comparable to TBS's Conan, The Arsenio Hall Show's ratings have gone down since the premiere of Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show as well as David Letterman's retirement announcement. Hall's show aired on local affiliate stations owned by Turner Broadcasting, starting at the 11pm slot and in direct competition with local news and [...]

Arsenio Hall and Brian Williams Have a 48-Hour Feud

In a Monday Nightly News segment about late night hosts, Brian Williams presented a Brady Bunch-style graphic of hosts including Conan O'Brien, Andy Cohen, Stephen Colbert, and more, but Arsenio Hall was notably left out. The following night, Hall addressed the omission on his show and delivered a request to Brian Williams: "If you're doing a story about late night, all I ask if that you mention me. You don't even have to use a photo. I know how journalism is these days. Use Samuel Jackson — it doesn't even have to be my photo." Thanks in part to a threat by Hall's guest Suge Knight, Williams swiftly [...]

Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall Talked About Why They Never Made a Sequel to 'Coming to America'

Eddie Murphy made a rare late night appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show last night, and since this year is the 25th anniversary of their classic Coming to America, the duo talked about how an actual African prince kept them from making another film. Below, Arsenio tries to bait Eddie into talking about social media, and Eddie discusses his genuine love of Dancing with the Stars.

After Nearly 20 Years Off the Air, 'The Arsenio Hall Show' Is Back

Arsenio Hall's revival of his self-titled early '90s late night show is set to debut tonight. The Arsenio Hall Show is airing in syndication in local markets across 95% of the country (find your station here) in the 11pm-12am timeslot in most markets. Hall took some time off to start a family after his original show was canceled in 1994. Hall's guest tonight is Chris Tucker, with Ice Cube, Lisa Kudrow, George Lopez, Magic Johnson, Penn and Teller, Ariana Grande, and Angela Bassett, amongst others, set to appear on the show later this week. And don't worry, the dog pound and that fist pump thing are still part [...]

Catch Your First Glimpse of the Arsenio Hall Comeback

This summer, Arsenio Hall announced he's returning to TV for another late night talk show that'll be syndicated on 17 stations across the nation and begin airing next year. Here's a promo for the new show, which is coming a bit soon because the show isn't set to debut until September 2013. And of course, the promo features a lot of woof woof woof-ing. For our younger readers, Arsenio Hall is Eddie Murphy's best friend who hosted The Arsenio Hall Show, a popular syndicated late night talk show from 1989 to 1994, that's best known for its audience members pumping their fists and enthusiastically shouting "Woof woof woof!" [...]

'Arsenio' Writer Suing Hall and CBS for $2M for Failing to Promote Him to Head Writer

A broken promise has turned into a $2 million lawsuit for The Arsenio Hall Show and CBS, where writer Paul Raff claims he was unfairly cheated out of a head writer position. As reported by Deadline, Raff — a former Jimmy Kimmel Live! writer — claims that he met with Hall and executive producer John Ferriter in August 2012, which "resulted in an agreement that Raff would be employed as head writer of the show." Raff and Ferriter also made an agreement for Ferriter to act as his "exclusive representative" and counsel him in his career, and though the contract of the complete agreement was drafted up it [...]

Last Night, Arsenio Hall Met ArScheerio Paul

Arsenio Hall did a little time traveling last night when Paul Scheer's ArScheerio Paul stopped by to sit on the back of chairs, talk to the dog pound, and discuss their respective interviews with Tupac. The entire thing takes place somewhere in the early 90s.

Childish Gambino Performed on 'The Arsenio Hall Show' Last Night

Donald Glover stopped by The Arsenio Hall Show last night as his rapper alter ego, Childish Gambino, where he talked leaving Community and his recent, much-discussed Instagram photos. Below, check out his performance of "Shadows" from Arsenio's couch.

Paul Scheer and Jordan Peele Recreate an Insane Interview Between Arsenio Hall and Tupac

Here's the latest episode of Paul Scheer's new JASH web series The ArScheerio Paul Show, which features him recreating a different Arsenio Hall Show interview each week as Arsenio Hall. The latest episode has Key & Peele's Jordan Peele playing Tupac Shakur in what would totally feel like something Scheer and Peele made up if not for the original interview being available online.

Check out the real 1993 Arsenio/Tupac interview below:

Craig Ferguson Addresses Arsenio Hall's Return; Talks Butt Stuff with Steve Carell

Have you heard of this new thing? They're called "late night talk shows" and they're sweeping the nation – all the kids'… parents are watching them. Craig Ferguson took a couple minutes, and probably one minute more than he was supposed to, to address his insecurities over the return of Arsenio Hall. He can't "woof" like the Ars – no one can. What he can do, however, is talk to Steve Carell about getting cameras jammed up their butts – show business! Watch that clip after the jump:

George Wallace and Arsenio Hall Defend Jerry Seinfeld's Comedy Diversity Comments

Last night on The Arsenio Hall Show, Hall and guest George Wallace took a few moments to defend Jerry Seinfeld a month after he made some headline-grabbing comments on diversity in comedy. Wallace talked about how far back his friendship goes with Seinfeld, who he's known longer than his own mother: "You can't have a better friend than Jerry Seinfeld, let me tell you that right now." Hall also mentioned that focusing on Seinfeld "muddies the water of where there are true issues that need to be dealt with." Instead of discussing some of those issues further, Wallace went on to tell a story about the time Seinfeld [...]

Key and Peele's Valets Went Crazy for Arsenio Halls

Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key were on The Arsenio Hall Show last night, and when Arsenio mentioned that he was a big fan of their valet characters, they jumped into character and took over his studio to show their enthusiasm for Harlem Nights and Coming to America. Below, they give a brief history of their relationship, tried another version of their "Soul Food" sketch, and plot to get their hands on Arsenio's show.

'The Arsenio Hall Show' Did Great in the Ratings Last Night

Arsenio Hall's comeback is going pretty well so far. The Arsenio Hall Show went off the air in 1995 but returned last night, and the ratings on the revamped late night series are surprisingly strong. The syndicated show's premiere episode, which featured appearances from Chris Tucker, Paula Abdul, and Snoop Dogg, earned a 1.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic, beating competitors Kimmel (0.8), Leno (0.6), and Letterman (0.5). When it came to household ratings, the show earned a 1.9 rating, compared to Leno (2.3), Kimmel (tied with 1.9), and Letterman 1.8. Ratings for shows tend to drop off dramatically after their first episode, but The Arsenio Hall Show still [...]

Watch Paul Scheer and Will Arnett Recreate an Episode of 'The Arsenio Hall Show'

Here's the inaugural episode of The ArScheerio Paul Show, Paul Scheer's new web series for the YouTube channel JASH that involves him recreating interviews from The Arsenio Hall Show. First up is the infamous Bill Clinton appearance, with Scheer playing Arsenio and Will Arnett as Clinton. Scheer called it "one of the weirdest things I've ever done," but you can decide for yourself where this falls in the Paul Scheer weirdness spectrum.