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Artie Lang Is Working on His Second Book

Artie Lang has been out of the spotlight since a suicide attempt at the beginning of last year. He's been dealing with his demons and getting his life together, which is great. And now news comes that in addition to getting sober, he's been working on his second book, a followup to the bestselling Too Fat to Fish. There are no details, and he's still keeping out of the public eye, but it's great to hear that he's getting better and writing again.

Norm MacDonald on Standup, Acting and Artie Lange

I recently interviewed Norm MacDonald about his new show, Sports Show with Norm MacDonald on Comedy Central. But in addition to talking about his new show, we also discussed his recent standup special, his approach to standup, why he's not the greatest actor, and what's going on with his friend Artie Lange.

Artie Lang Returned to Standup For the First Time in Nine Months

Since trying to kill himself in January, Artie Lang has been recuperating in a psychiatric hospital and staying out of the public eye. This weekend, he returned to the stage at LA's Comedy Cellar. Here's his first joke: "Well, folks, I gotta say I am so glad that Fashion Week is over because I am fucking exhausted." Welcome back, Artie.