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A Very Controversial Year in Comedy

It's been a big year for comedy and an even bigger year for controversy. Heroes have fallen, debates have ignited and feet have been inserted firmly into mouths. Social media once again played a major role in spreading truth, lies and everything in between. These are the stories that raised our blood pressure, ruined our dinners and kept us hitting refresh.

Artie Lange Lost Interest in Sports When He Stopped Gambling

Artie Lange dropped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Friday to promote his new book, Crash and Burn, and the two discussed Artie's history with gambling, and why sports just don't hold the same appeal without it. Below, Artie talks about his engagement and how he made fun for himself in rehab.

Artie Lange and Nick DiPaolo Debut Sports Radio Show Oct. 3

As previously reported, Artie Lange returns to radio this fall with a new sport-themed talk show with Nick DiPaolo. As not previously reported, it will apparently premiere Monday, Oct. 3 and will air weeknights 10pm to 1am, perfect for those of us who need the sound of man-laughter to get to sleep.

Looking Back on Christmas Past with Norm MacDonald

The Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. Inside their vast archives of more than 150,000 television shows, commercials, and radio programs, there are thousands of important and funny programs waiting to be rediscovered by comedy nerds like you and me. Each week, this column will highlight a new gem waiting for you at the Paley Library to quietly laugh at. (Seriously, it’s a library, so keep it down.)

In case you haven't already figured it out, the holidays are fast approaching (Writing Tip: Notice I'm not saying which ones so that this [...]

Artie Lange's Memoir Will Discuss Suicide Attempt, Substance Abuse Issues

Comic and radio host Artie Lange's new memoir, Crash and Burnwill be released on October 29, and it will discuss his 2010 suicide attempt as well as his addictions to heroin and alcohol. The former Howard Stern sidekick's first book, 2008's Too Fast to Fish, was a New York Times bestseller. Back in January of 2012, Lange told Splitsider about the new book:

The title is based on my buddy Danny McGrath's older cousin. When I was I was 22 years old I was trying to decide if I should stay at the port working as a longshoreman making 60 Gs a year, or should I try show [...]

Artie Lange Is Planning a Big Comeback to Radio with Nick Dipaolo

Artie Lange, who's been out of the public eye for over a year after a suicide attempt, is planning a comeback to radio. He'll be teaming up with Nick Dipaolo for a show that'll be broadcast on both DirecTV and Fox Sports Radio. The deal isn't set in stone yet, but things are looking good for a September debut.

Anthony Jeselnik, Louis CK, and the Shifting Definition of "Offensive" Comedy

Just as the news broke on Monday that sociopathic dreamboat Anthony Jeselnik’s Comedy Central show The Jeselnik Offensive was canceled (to no small amount of glee from certain New Zealanders), Huffington Post Live released a video interview with Artie Lange, where the recently sober comic addresses his past use of the word “faggot” and other offensive slurs. “Times have changed, comedy has changed,” Lange says. “We live in a more enlightened time where you should think twice before you speak, because we’re talking about people.” While Lange was only referring to himself, it was a very timely comment for Jeselnik, who has built a career out of manufacturing [...]

Artie Lange Preps His Comeback

A week before the Ravens lost to the Patriots, Artie Lange, Howard Stern sidekick turned sports radio host, wasn’t convinced the Pats could even conquer the Denver Broncos.

“The line is 13 and a half, but I don’t know,” he said, considering the odds as the 49ers upset the Saints on the television between us. “Maybe it’s a sucker’s bet, but, I don’t know, that’s tempting. 13 and a half. I think they got a great chance of covering. And Tebow, possibly being Jesus, I think there's a real chance they can win.”

So it’s a good thing Artie Lange doesn’t gamble anymore. No easy task for the reformed [...]

Artie Lange Returns To Radio, Talks Stern

Last night Artie Lange guested on Fox Sports Radio, where Nick DiPaolo is filling in for host Toni Bruno. The show marks the first time Lange has been on the radio since his suicide attempt in January 2010, and he sounds so reassuringly good. When a caller asks whether Lange plans to return to his long-standing spot on Howard Stern, Artie remarked, "That would be the greatest thing ever, but listen, I was on the greatest show of all time for about nine years and I put them in a very awkward situation to say the least, so what am I going to do? But I love [...]