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A Funny Thing: '30 Rock's Anthony Atamanuik Celebrates a Lifetime of Ridiculous Sexual Depravity

This week on A Funny Thing, Anthony Atamanuik, one of the Writers Who Never Talk on 30 Rock, reveals a lifetime of sexual endeavors that veer wildly between absurd, tragic, and very, very illegal. WARNING: this episode of A Funny Thing is extremely graphic and is certain to offend the weak of spirit. Beware.

Anthony Atamanuik is one of the treasures of the New York comedy scene. Catch him telling stories at Nights of Our Lives (where this story was recorded), improvising with Death By Roo Roo and The Two Man Movie, or at his own Tony and Johnny Show at the UCBeast. Follow him on twitter@tonyatamanuik, at your own risk.

This [...]