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Michelle Markowitz No Longer Likes You as a Man

Our story this week: Sideburns, zoot suits, and Fred Savage, these are the three omens that signaled Michelle Markowitz's late blooming into a wonderfully awkward young woman. Actually, you know what? Instead of describing this story, I will just tell you that it contains the line "He didn't deserve my Austin Powers quote." If you're not sold now, you never will be.

Michelle Markowitz is a comedy writer and storyteller in New York. She can be seen next month at Nights of Our Lives at the UCB theater in Chelsea, and found online @michmarkowitz

This episode of A Funny Thing is brought to you by audible.com. Get a free audiobook and [...]

Funny Songs Performed in Comedy Movies Released as Singles to Promote Those Movies

This was a curious promotional thing in the '90s and slightly beyond, back when music videos were a relevant cultural force. A funny performance or funny song from a comedy movie would be repackaged as a music video and released to the music channels, maybe even radio, as a way to promote the movie. Because how else would you know it was a comedy without the funny song? It was a strange time; we were all of us hopped up on Fruitopia for most of it.

The Mask: “Cuban Pete” (1994)

The Mask really tried to force 1930s nightclub culture down our throats for some reason. (The soundtrack also [...]

Talking to Jay Roach About 'Austin Powers', 'Meet the Parents', and Directing Big-Budget Comedies

Jay Roach's first major break as a director was comedy gold. Granted, when your muse is Austin Powers it's not entirely surprising. In addition to directing the Austin Powers trilogy, Roach also went onto direct the Meet the Parents franchise as well as The Campaign and Dinner for Schmucks. He's also branched out into drama and directed HBO's two most watched films, Game Change and Recount, both of which earned him Emmy Awards. Roach also produced Borat, Charlie Bartlett, and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and former Bangles front woman Susanna Hoffs and their two sons. Roach and I sat [...]

The Austin Powers Musical Is Red-Hot in Development, Unbelievably

Tony-winning co-director of The Book of Mormon Casey Nicholaw might sign on to direct the Austin Powers musical currently in development. Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello are doing the music, and Mike Meyers will write the story, which is a prequel to the movies about "how Powers first acquired his mighty mojo." This thing has some serious talent attached to it! Look out, Book of Mormon. You're not the only one who can win Tonys.

5 Failed Attempts to Turn Comedy Movies Into Animated Series

Adapting a popular comedy movie into an animated series aimed at adults rarely works out, but it's still something Hollywood has been trying after decades of failed projects. In the 80s and 90s, there was a trend towards turning movies into Saturday morning cartoons, with Ghostbusters, The Mask, and Beetlejuice, amongst countless others, serving as the basis for successful kids shows. But when it comes to adult series, these animated adaptations always fail, with cartoon versions of Spaceballs, Clerks, Friday, and most recently, Napoleon Dynamite all being quickly canceled, all in 13 episodes or less. Despite the lack of success in the field, numerous comedy writers and studios have [...]

A Projected Song List for Austin Powers: The Musical

Just in case the Austin Powers series does become a musical, here's a rough draft of the song list:

I'm Almost Saying a Word for Testicles! … Full Company

Do I Make You Horny, Baby? … Austin Powers

Welcome to the 90s (Mama Cass: Ham Sandwich) … The Fembots

One Million Dollars … Dr. Evil

Singing the Word "Shag" a Lot … Austin


The "Sh" Song … Dr. Evil and Scott Evil

The Romancing of Frau Farbissina … The Fembots

But Who Is Mini-Me? … Mini-Me

Singing the Word "Shag" a Lot (Reprise) … Austin and Alotta Fagina

Singing the Word "Shagadelic" a Lot [...]