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Awesome: Movie References in 'The Simpsons' in Animated GIF Form

If you like The Simpsons — which I assume you do if you are reading this website — you are going to want to check out/follow Movie Simpsons, a new Tumblr that pairs animated gifs of movie references from The Simpsons with animated gifs of the original source material. It is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Patton Oswalt, Patron of the Arts

Here is a pretty adorable story about four artists/Patton Oswalt superfans who got in touch with the comedian and are now producing all sorts of projects for him that he gives to people as gifts. What sorts of projects? Oh, you know, normal stuff, like "a sword handle that can function as a glass for scotch, and life-size replicas of the weapons used in the board game Clue." Well, that's amazing.

The Trader Joe's in Centreville, VA Uses Ron Swanson, Tom Haverford to Sell Delicious Meats

I posted a picture of a sign from a Trader Joe's featuring a drawing of Ron Swanson selling bacon to the Splitsider Tumblr earlier today (yes, we have a Tumblr, follow it why don't you)? And now the Artiste behind the sign, Elisa Ortiz, writes in with another Parks and Rec themed sign she made for the store: Tom Haverford selling chicken parm. Thanks, Elisa! If I lived closer to Centreville, VA I would definitely shop at your establishment based on these signs alone. Tom is above, and the aforementioned Ron is below. Awesome, awesome, awesome.