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Jason Bateman Gleefully Gets Away with Rule-Breaking in 'Bad Words'

Bad Words, an inappropriate exercise in audacity starring Jason Bateman, works exceedingly well if you'd laugh at a full-grown adult with life experience and a job stealing candy from a baby. Appalling, you say! Never, you say! Now imagine the adult swiping that lollipop, laughing in that baby's face, and moonwalking away. Even if you don't agree with the act, you have to admire their spirit.

More than confidently-directed by Bateman, Bad Words (his feature directorial debut) follows Guy Trilby, a casually mean but focused adult entrant to the national spelling bee — yes, the one usually meant for children. The setup is quick and painless for all but the parents [...]

Jason Bateman in Talks to Act, Spell, and Make His Directorial Debut

Jason Bateman is in talks to direct and star in the indie comedy Bad Words, a film about a Jason Bateman-aged fellow who enters into a children's spelling bee and befriends a young Indian contestant and a female reporter. This would be Bateman's first film in the director's chair. He did, however, direct the "Afternoon Delight" episode of Arrested Development and the episode of Family Matters in which Steve invents a fat compressing machine to help his Aunt Oona impress a hunky reverend. This would also likely be Bateman's first spelling bee, considering as a child actor he probably missed out on all common human kid things.

There Are Lots of Bad Words in This 'Bad Words' Trailer

Here's the red band trailer for Bad Words, starring Jason Bateman as a 40-year old high school dropout who takes advantage of a National Spelling Bee loophole, and in turn, the innocence and earnest desire to succeed of many children. Bad Words also stars Kathryn Hahn, Allison Janney, Ben Falcone, Rachael Harris, and Philip Baker Hall and makes Bateman's directorial debut, set to open on March 21.

Kathryn Hahn and Allison Janney Join Jason Bateman's Spelling Bee Comedy

Jason Bateman is about to start directing his first movie, and he just added a ton of people to the cast. We reported previously that Bateman will direct and star in Bad Words, in which he'll play an adult high school drop-out entering a children's spelling bee. According to Deadline, Allison Janney, Kathryn Hahn, Phillip Baker Hall, Ben Falcone (Melissa McCarthy's real-life husband), and kid actor Rohan Chandz have all joined the cast. Janney and Hall will portray angry leaders of the spelling bee group and Chandz will play a a nerdy spelling bee competitor who Bateman befriends and probably teaches to believe in himself or something [...]