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Watch Hannibal Buress Play Drums for Speedy Ortiz at SXSW

Hannibal Buress might have forgotten the name of the band he played with at SXSW during his interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, but thankfully Pitchfork has him covered with the full video. Hopefully now Speedy Ortiz gets some wider recognition thanks to their guest drummer, who is clearly much better at having a good time than keeping a steady beat.

Paul Scheer Helps Nickelback Be More Detroit-Friendly

This Funny or Die video starring Paul Scheer as Nickelback's agent asks the brave question, "Would Detroit be happier with a band made up of Tom Selleck, Alice Cooper and Robocop than they are with Nickelback playing for their Thanksgiving game?" Say what you want about their music, but Nickelback has a) a sense of humor about themselves and b) amazing hair. And c) a tender, gentle, loving way with goats. Also, you gotta love that dramatic musical cue at the mention of – no! – an online petition. Even Dave Coulier can't solve that.

Vanessa Bayer Roasts Her Brother's Band United Nations

If you're a fan of Vanessa Bayer's ongoing Above Average series Sound Advice, her recent appearance before a United Nations show — the band fronted by Thursday's Geoff Rickly and also featuring Bayer's brother Jonah — will wildly entertain you. According to Stereogum, Bayer used to open United Nations shows with a few good burns similar to the clip above back before she hit it big on SNL, so it's good to know the Bayer kids have made a career out of some friendly brother/sister insults.

Inside the World of Late Night Show Music Bookers

Pitchfork has a great piece up today about how late night shows book their musical guests, and how it's changed over the years with the huge changes the internet has had on both TV and the music industry.

Fred Armisen is 'Late Night's New Band Leader/Curator

This afternoon, Seth Meyers tweeted out the following photo of Late Night's 8G Band, which surprisingly included Portlandia star Fred Armisen. "Fred will curate and lead the band, and continue to run it even when he's off shooting Portlandia," Meyers explained after posting the picture, which sounds as weirdly delightful as it does exciting. No more specifics on Fred's new curatorial Late Night gig yet, but this sounds like an awfully wonderful hiring.

This is not the only new musical gig for Armisen. A little over two weeks ago, it was announced that he'd be releasing a series of 7" singles from all his fake SNL [...]

Left Handed Radio: 'It's Like a Shit Fit Only Bigger'

On our first episode: A local music festival, a smashing first date, an annoying talking dog, Skeleton Warehouse, a man named Big Rick, a mysterious mountain, and a poor phone conversationalist.

This month's show was written and performed by Adam Bozarth, Dan Chamberlain, Matt Little, Taylor Moore, and Anna Rubanova.

All original music by Dan Warren. Check out his podcast, The International House of Dancakes.