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Fox News Anchor Howard Kurtz Says He's Going to "Take On" Stephen Colbert, Somehow

Fox News anchor Howard Kurtz, who hosts the weekly media criticism show Media Buzz, is really mad at Stephen Colbert, and he seems to be confused about whether Colbert is a real journalist or not.

Basically, Kurtz did a report on whether Hillary Clinton is too old to run for PresidentThe Colbert Report played the clip and Stephen Colbert made fun of him for asking the question and the way he asked it. Kurtz is upset they didn't play his whole segment, claiming his work was taken out of context, but the best part is the baffling Colbert attack Kurtz wrote for Fox News Insider today about [...]

Another Chevy Chase/Dan Harmon Voicemail Leaks to the Internet

Oh, Jesus. Here's a newly leaked voicemail from Chevy Chase to Community creator Dan Harmon in which he goes on at length about how the show sucks and can only be saved by them leaving in all of his hilarious on-set ad libs. At least I think it's a voicemail — at one point you can hear Harmon sort-of respond to Chevy, but he isn't acknowledged. It's not clear if this is another part of a voicemail played by Harmon at the Harmontown show in LA or if it's something different entirely. It is over a year old, however, so it's clear that there's been tension between the [...]

David Letterman Makes Peace With Jay Leno in His Old Age

David Letterman is sorry for the mean things he's said about Jay Leno, and he declared a truce on last night's show. While crafting a Twitter message to the other late night hosts, Letterman said, "I'm burying the hatchet. I like all of these guys … So now I'm calling for an end to this, because we've all become brothers." I guess he's hoping Jay can explain to him how Twitter works, because Letterman's tweets all begin with "Hash Tag:" and don't include any @ tags. Aw, watching David Letterman use Twitter is like watching your grandpa try to …use Twitter, I guess.

Kanye and Kimmel Talked Things Out Last Night

Last night, Kanye West came by Jimmy Kimmel Live so the two men could talk out their beef. If you missed it, Kanye went on a bit of a twitter rampage after Kimmel did a video spoofing an interview he did on the radio in which he was represented by a child. You know, a totally normal and relatable reason for two guys to get into a fight. The first part of the interview is above, the rest is below.

Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon's Late Night Ice Cream Wars Rage On

The world's cutest beef was still going strong this Valentine's Day. Mortal enemies Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert's latest feud topic? Whose Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor is selling best. And this time, they've dragged an innocent rabbit and two ice cream company owners into their vindictive quarrel. The fighting cannot go on like this! Think of poor Jon Stewart and how this must be affecting him.

Gangsta's Parodist: Revisiting "Weird Al" vs. Coolio

Fools be in the bars unadvanced with a switch Uppercuts and fight kicks with Weird Al Yankovic -Coolio, "Throwdown 2000"

On a scale of pop music beefs from the last 25 years, Weird Al Yankovich v. Coolio would likely fall somewhere in the neighborhood of Morissette v. Coulier and Arrested Development v. Arrested Development. Which is to say, it wasn't much of a beef at all. To even label it a beef almost seems like an insult to the whole concept of beefs.

And yet, in the time it took for the two to formally and publicly reconcile their differences, The United States has seen 3 presidential [...]

Kimmel on Leno: "Fuck him."

Jimmy Kimmel does not mince words when it comes to his feelings on Jay Leno. When asked about the man he will soon be competing with head-to-head at a NY Times event last night, he responded thusly: "Fuck him." Didn't even need to stop and think about it.

On the one hand, it's kind of great that he wears his animosity towards the Chin on his sleeve. Leno is not funny and also has a history of fucking people over in order to get what he wants. On the other hand, basically everyone else who publicly hates Leno was burned by him in the past; mainly, Letterman and [...]

Eric Idle Is Determined Not to Reunite With the Other Monty Python Members

"And by the way these Python reunion rumors are just bollocks. Some greedy bastard producer in Hollywood floating an idea." – Sounds like Eric Idle won't be voicing an alien in Absolutely Anything. Bloody hell, twat rubbish bollocks!