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Watch a Behind-the-Scenes Look at 'Top Five' with Chris Rock, Leslie Jones, Kevin Hart, and More

Here's a behind-the-scenes peek of Chris Rock's new film Top Five featuring Kevin Hart, Questlove, and SNL cast members Leslie Jones and Jay Pharoah, who explain why it's best to work with a friend like Rock who's "just a phone call away." The film premieres in theaters this Friday, and you can check out the trailer here.

Look at the Cast of 'Hangover 3' Film 'Hangover 3'

So it begins. This picture and the ones below are from the set of Hangover III, if you couldn’t tell. It was mentioned before that the final chapter in the trilogy would be a big departure from the nearly identical first two films, and I guess that means it's a rom-com in which Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms just go on pleasant double dates. Even Stu's face tattoo is gone because you can't have a face tattoo in a romantic comedy. (Excluding, When Harry Met Sally…They Went to Get Face Tattoos, of course.) Though, as you can see below, Zach is wearing jorts, so all bets are off. [...]

Conan O'Brien's Daily Schedule, in Pictures

It has never been this easy to stalk Conan O'Brien. I'd imagine. Just a guess, not personal experience. But if I WERE trying to sneak into his dressing room to smell the armpits of his leather jacket – for example – I could use this handy behind-the-scenes slideshow to figure out when he's out at meetings, and when it would be safe to slip into the dressing room and lick all the pieces of cut fruit on a platter. Or, other normal things. I have to go print these photos out and tape them to my wall with elaborate annotations and red yarn connecting them now bye.

Watch Steve Martin and Conan O'Brien Rehearse a 'Letterman'-Style Top 10 Bit

Here's a nice lighthearted break amid a day of sad news. Back in August, comedy superstars Steve Martin and Conan O'Brien delivered a Letterman-style Top 10 bit, and today the show released the above behind-the-scenes footage of their rehearsal. Though this may shatter the assumption that late night interviews aren't painstakingly rehearsed beforehand, Conan's frequent bursts of laughter sound very authentic.

Peeking Under the Bun of Bob's Burgers

Caution: after watching this video of the Bob's Burgers cast recording their voice overs, you may never look at Bob Belcher without seeing H. Jon Benjamin in blue eyeshadow. Conversely, every time I try to look at Kristen Schaal in this video I see phantom pink bunny ears. And sometimes I just see them floating in the air. Waving at me. Excuse me, I have some business to attend to on WebMD.

SNL Photos Go Behind The Scenes of Charlie Day's Episode

This slideshow takes the viewer backstage at SNL, following Charlie Day during the preparation for last week's episode. Read the paper with Bobby Moynihan! Check the run-through sketch list with Jason Sudeikis! Cram into Lorne's office for the Monday meeting! See the filming of these promos from the other side of the camera! It's just like you're in the cast.

Two Days in Portlandia: A Photo Recap

If it weren't for Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, the rest of America might never have known about freestyle canoers, artisanal lightbulb shop owners, angry bicycle rights activists, and all the other things that make Portlandia so post-hip hilarious. No matter where you live, there's most likely a Portlandia sketch that nails a side of you and your neighbors like no other show, whether it's arrogance, a need to fit in, or a perceived hate for any kind of urban subculture, from feminists to locavores to dumpster divers. I'm a big fan, but I'm from Harrisburg — I'd never traveled further west than [...]

Check Out the Bob's Burger's Season 2 Script Covers

The writers of Bob's Burgers have started a blog, and they're kicking things off by posting some script covers from season 2's table reads. I'm most excited for "Mutiny on the Windbreak." What about you?

Daily Show Gets a New Head Writer, Exec Producers, Loses an EP

Lots of personnel changes at The Daily Show for 2011. First, executive producer Josh Lieb is heading to LA to work on a workplace comedy script for NBC and Warner Bros. TV. Longtime producers Steve Bodow, Jennifer Flanz and Jim Margolis are all being promoted to co-executive producer in his stead, and longtime writer and very funny guy Tim Carvell gets promoted to head writer. Congrats to all, and keep up the good work!